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There will be a Full Moon in Gemini on December 12th-13th. Like recent ones, this Full Moon will be closer to Earth and has been classified as a ‘Supermoon.’ It will be occurring during the peak of the Geminid meteor shower. However, its brightness will greatly reduce the visibility of the meteors.

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In astrological practice, meteor showers are rarely interpreted and often simply ignored. This is partly because they happen annually at the same time of year. However, if a meteor shower is peaking during an astrologically significant occurrence like a Full Moon, perhaps it may add a little bit of specialness to that moment in time.

Mercury will be going retrograde on December 19th, but is currently in the pre-shadow period. Some will already be noticing some of its disrupting effects or problems with communication and technology, or perhaps with other things breaking down. Events, actions, or developments that have been playing out throughout December will go through a phase of either adjusting or testing, or will be perceived differently over the coming month.

I will be writing an article about Mercury retrograde which will be released closer to the start date. If you wish to be notified when it gets published you can do so by joining my mailing list here.

Full Moon in Gemini Opposite Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius, in a T-Square With Chiron

fm-gem-formatted-embossed-smallerFor the previous three weeks leading up to this Full Moon, the Sun has been in Sagittarius. For some people this has been a time in which we have been exploring and/or sharing our perspectives, beliefs, and opinions. This can be a time of increased optimism and confidence, but this could lead to overdoing, overindulging, and overspending, as well as taking chances without using caution.

The Full Moon occurring in Sagittarius’ opposite sign of Gemini can help us to balance out any overly Sagittarian tendencies. Gemini is about looking at the facts and details, and taking into account what is right in front of us or can be immediately accessed. It is also more willing to look at different perspectives as opposed to a potentially dogmatic Sagittarian energy.

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Saturn is also conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius, as this, along with the Full Moon, is in a T-Square with Chiron. The Sun joined Saturn four days before this Full Moon and brought along a more serious or restrictive tone to optimistic Sun in Sagittarius. In combination with Chiron, this is bringing up some of our wounds, blockages, and negative patterns, which could be related to things we have been experiencing since September that were triggered by the last Lunar Eclipse.

One manifestation of this energy has been the recent oil spill in North Dakota that occurred near Standing Rock. The protests started taking shape in early October after events that had transpired in September.

Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter in Harmonious Aspects With This Full Moon and Saturn

fm-gem-2016-chartFirst let’s look at Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries. Both of these planets are in each other’s signs, as Mars is the ruler of Aries and Uranus is the sub-ruler of Aquarius. They are in a sextile aspect with each other via the Full Moon. This can be about asserting ourselves collectively and/or with the future in mind, and perhaps based on innovation or even revolution in some cases.

Jupiter in Libra in connection with this wants to expand in relationships, partnerships, and/or doing what is considerate, balanced, just, and fair. However, Jupiter is moving toward an opposition to Uranus which is connecting a square to Pluto in Capricorn. There can be a challenge here between wanting to rebel and/or considering one’s own interests over what is fair or expansive for both parties.

Uranus here can also imply that sudden changes or surprises have arisen that may have created challenges, but are also assisting us. Pluto in Capricorn in some cases can mean power struggles, but can assist us in purging or transforming what isn’t working for us. It could be related to our ambitions, careers, and structures, as well as the way we manage resources.

Things To Consider During This Period

What has come up in your life within the previous week leading up to this Full Moon? Identify any big challenges, blocks, shadows that have surfaced in this period that may be connected to things that have occurred, surfaced, or initiated between mid-late September. 

Whatever it is that you have been experiencing, this is an opportunity to learn from it to help you move forward as a better version of yourself. In certain cases their could even be some breakthroughs to potentially help us move beyond limitations which could have occured already or in the days following this Full Moon.

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