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For the past six years, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been prosecuted and held captive on the grounds of rape allegations, of which are now being revealed as completely concocted by the police.

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On August 20, 2010, an arrest warrant for Assange was first issued by the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office, but was withdrawn the following day. Eva Finne, the chief prosecutor, announced that she believed the rape accusation held no merit, actually saying: “I don’t think there is reason to suspect that he has committed rape.”

Then, on August 21, 2010, police questioned Assange, informing him of the allegations against, of which he vehemently denied. The rape case was then reopened by Swedish Director of Prosecution Marianne Nye.
Assange’s Swedish residency request was denied in October 2010, but he was ordered to return just one month later to be questioned. Assange countered the order by offering to appear at the Swedish embassy in London. However, Swedish police met his offer by issuing an international arrest warrant.
A British court ruled that Julian Assange should be extradited to Sweden, and though Assange appealed that ruling, it was ultimately granted by the High Court in November 2011. By August 2012, Assange was given political asylum in Ecuador’s London embassy as a result of human rights being violated if extradited.
Things began to look up for the WikiLeaks founder, however, when earlier this year a United Nations panel found that he was being detained unjustly, and urged for the Swedish extradition requested to immediately be thrown out.
Now, having spent the last four years in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, new SMS reports have revealed that Assange may have been framed by Swedish police officials. And as of December 7, 2016, Assange has gone public for the very first time regarding his perspective on the events surrounding the rape allegations he was arrested for back in 2010.

“Six years ago today, on 7 December 2010, I was handcuffed and locked into Wandsworth prison by order of a Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny,” Assange explains in a testimony released on Wednesday. “I had not and still have not been charged with an offence. The claimed grounds for my arrest and extradition without charge were so that Ny could question me. But it was not until six years later – three weeks ago – that I was questioned for the first time. I have decided to release my responses.”

Though Assange was finally questioned in November, he notes that “my Swedish lawyer was excluded from the room in yet another breach of my basic rights.”

The 19-page statement released explores Assange’s version of the events leading up to his prosecution. He even discussed being coerced by the American, Swedish, English, and Australian governments.

Assange notes that the allegations regarding sexual assault came after he started revealing the war crimes of the U.S. government revolving around Chelsea Manning.

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He says:

“I… could not believe my eyes when five days later I saw a headline in a Swedish tabloid that I was suspected of a crime and arrested in my absence. I immediately made myself available to Swedish authorities to clarify any questions that might exist, even though I had no obligation to do so.”

Assange calls the sexual misconduct in question actually “consensual and enjoyable” sex with a woman known as ‘SW,’ and notes this only happened four or five times. However, the accusations claim the sex with SW occurred while she was asleep. This is considered rape under Swedish law.

The SMS messages recently released say this did not happen. The statement reads:

“Her behaviour towards me on the night in question and in the morning made it clear that she actively and enthusiastically wanted me to have sex with her. This is also shown by text messages ‘SW’ sent to her friends during the course of the evening I was at her home and during that week, which the Swedish police collected from her phone. Although the prosecutor has fought for years to prevent me, the public and the courts from seeing them, my lawyers were permitted to see them at the police station and were able to note down a number of them.”

It seems people are finally beginning to take Assange’s mistreatment seriously. In fact, the United Nations rejected an appeal by the U.K. recently of a prior ruling, calling it “not admissible,” and demanding that London and Stockholm end the “arbitrary detention”of Assange.


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