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While many people wonder whether or not UFO and ET disclosure will happen in their lifetime, others are way passed the debate and are actively preparing for it, including the United States government.

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With a mass shift in consciousness taking place right now, so much is being brought forth to challenge our belief systems, ways of being and to evolve our consciousness. It’s showing itself in very real ways on earth. Consider this article titled “How to Investigate a Flying Saucer,” or the hordes of UFO files that have been released by the FBI and NSA over the years — not to mention Hillary Clinton’s recent UFO comments on the campaign trail.

So, should you and I be preparing for UFO Disclosure too? I think the answer is, most likely, yes. Because preparing for UFO Disclosure just means preparing for change. At any given moment in time, we might experience a natural or man-made disaster or event that shakes the foundations of our collective belief systems overnight. I don’t think it’s a mistake to be prepared for a moment like that.

But how can we be prepared? Perhaps the wisest words we can follow are the ones draped over the book cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “Don’t Panic.”

The next thing to do is to prepare your heart, mind, and body for UFO and Alien Disclosure… so here are five specific steps you can take to do just that:

Clear Out Negativity

Rid yourself of all negative thoughts and fears that have no use to you. (Practice makes perfect.) Anxiety about the future damages the brain, and so it’s crucial that you remove it from your life. A weak mind that is not able to think clearly and critically is not something you can easily afford right now. Stop yourself every time your mind wanders down a dark, self-destructive path, and take time to re-evaluate the more toxic relationships in your life.

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Get social

Talk to friends and family! New ideas can be very painful to swallow, and it doesn’t get newer or weirder than aliens. You may have parents or coworkers who are not ready for Disclosure, and by helping them prepare, you can help yourself prepare, too! Initiate friendly, patient conversations (not debates) about these topics now, so that when more is revealed later, you will already have a strong, healthy line of communication going that cannot easily be disrupted.

Share information about the topic on social media! There is much to learn and help others understand.

Get informed

Know your information sources! If UFO Disclosure happens, chances are there will be more than one story told about it. Research your news sources, and immediately stop following or listening to people who have a reputation of being dishonest — you don’t want to risk being misled by them later. Also, use your feelings! Your gut feelings, intuition and inner knowing will help you to discern truth more easily. Learning to pay attention to this feeling is a skill most of us have forgotten how to use but all have.


Think positive.

Tap Into Spirit!

If UFO Disclosure happens, the masses could experience an existential crisis on an epic level. If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you consider yourself a spiritual person. But no matter where you are in your journey, now is the time to start tackling those big spiritual questions and challenges that are bothering you deep down — the existence of UFOs and aliens will trigger some of us and force many to re-evaluate our belief systems, and even create new ones. Why not get a healthy start on this now? After all, there is a shift in consciousness happening that is taking us in this direction inevitably.

While the UFO community is mostly on the fence about whether or not President-Elect Donald Trump will help usher in UFO Disclosure, there are no signs that the Disclosure movement is slowing down, so start preparing your heart, mind, and body now!

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