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The colder months of the year certainly have more to offer than we sometimes think. The warmth of friends and family during holidays, the coziness of sitting by fires, wrapping yourself up in warm layers, and the gorgeous glow of fresh snow — these are all joys particular to winter. The chilly, if not outright freezing, air can get the best of you some days, however. When you need a reason to be reminded of the glory this season brings, check out these breathtaking eco-friendly winter resorts to get you in the spirit.

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eco winter resorts


This resort is a site to behold. Located in the Swiss Alps, it has a private ski resort and mountain chalets, as well as 15 geodesic-dome pods, offering low-impact lodging. Get around on skis, snowshoes, snowboards, or even by dog sled.

winter eco resort


Architect Matteo Thun’s eco philosophy is celebrated throughout this five-star 41-room property. Wood and glass fuse together to provide a natural environment that brings the outdoors in. The idea behind the design is to remind guests that “nature and not man is understood as the ‘creator.’ ” Vigilius is referred to as a ‘Climate House’ that is committed to having the lightest carbon footprint possible.

eco winter resorts

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This temporary resort is made from snow and ice, and can only be used during the coldest months. The rooms are artistically designed, while the activities, from the indoor waterpark to the ice bar for cocktails and the ice chapel for weddings, seem endless.

winter eco resort


Part of the Swiss Alpine Club’s hut system, the Monte Rosa Hut runs on solar panels and is almost completely self-sufficient, too. In order to come and go from the hut, you must ski in and ski out.

eco winter resort


Want to step out of your comfort zone? Sweden’s Icehotel will do the trick with its out-of-this-world concept you can only access during the coldest months of the year. Every year, a new design is presented, with last year’s being inspired by Tron and featuring energy efficient lighting wire embedded in the ice.
winter eco resort
The Little Nell is a swanky escape for ski bums, full of cozy nooks to snuggle into. The hotel relies on eco initiatives that highlight the allure of a winter wonderland retreat. It cuts COemissions by 300 tonnes a year by way of energy-efficient boilers, has the Eco-Luxe Program that benefits the Environment Foundation, and much, much more.

eco winter resorts


The small stature of these glass igloos allows for plenty of heat to keep you warm and cozy despite their appearance. You’ll even get plenty of star gazing in with the glass ceiling design.

eco winter resorts


At this incredible cabin, skiers have the opportunity to ski right down the roof and onto the mountain. The idea was to fit the abode in with the natural landscape, and so it is shielded from the weather, and allows snow and wind to glide right over it.

eco winter resorts


Skipark 360 may still be in the works, but it’s definitely something to look forward to. The resort will be completely powered by geothermal, solar, wind, and hydropower. If it lives up to its expectations, it could be named the greenest ski resort on the planet.

eco winter resorts


With seven unique prefab rooms to choose from, the tree rooms are suspended 4-6 meters above the ground, and can be accessed via ramp, bridge, or electric stairs. The hotel, open year round, combines  low-impact design with miles upon miles of endless wilderness to indulge in.

Images: Whitepod, Great Small Hotels, Renaud Philippe, Tonatiuh Ambrosetti, Asaf Kliger, Stay Aspen Snowmass, Kakslauttanen Resort, Fantastic Norway, C. F. Møller, Cubeme

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