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The smear campaign against Donald Trump continues, and some very powerful people are involved. But let’s address something first, this isn’t about being pro Trump or anti Trump, but more so observing the reality of what happens when you look at everything in that way. People are being divided, and it’s the entire focus of the media at this point.

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This is about creating awareness around how this division is being pushed on us, and to see through the game of it all and remember that no change will come from arguing amongst each other as the media has us do all the time. It only keeps us distracted.

No single president will change everything, and we cannot expect that, especially since they don’t actually make the decisions. However now is the time for great change, big things must begin to change in order to turn things around, especially as people continue to become fed up. We are already seeing a slight dismantling of the cabal, and this is the positive to take from all of this. Think about why, why else would the cabal controlled media be pushing so hard against Trump’s campaign?

I remind, don’t get caught up in choosing sides, but witness what it playing out!

Many of you who have been following the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations, for example, will know that it would have handed over even more power to a handful of corporations who continue to destroy our planet, indefinitely.

The fact that he was able to dismantle this partnership was quite a shock to many, as he is clearly going up against some very powerful interests.

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It’s still a shock that he won the election, given that it was blatantly obvious that the elite did everything possible to ensure a Clinton victory, with the Democratic party (which, remember, played dirty tricks against Bernie Sanders), financial community, and the entire mainstream media machine working together.

“For more than a year, we have been told that Trump is a racist, sexist, xenophobe, liar, cheat, and narcissist. The attack bears all the marks of a coordinated effort among the major news outlets: CNN, NYT, WaPo, HuffPo, USA Today, and the rest. It reminded me very much of the concerted media attack against Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff which culminated earlier in 2016 in her impeachment and removal from power.”

While there are obvious things that should not fit well with the masses when it comes to Trump, if you are awake and aware to the fact that American fascism has been pushed by the elite using previous politicians, like Clinton, Bush, and Obama, can you really envision another choice?

The demonization of Donald Trump continues, this time, again, from CNN and Buzzfeed News. Yesterday, CNN claimed that a memo supporting the idea that Russia had compromised materials on Trump was shared with Obama and Trump by the U.S. intelligence community. Later that day, Buzzfeed published a set of memos that were apparently “prepared for political opponents of Trump by a person who is understood to be a former British intelligence agent.”

The report mentions that Trump has “personal obsessions and sexual perversion” that include graphic sex acts.

It’s funny how so much information about sexual harassment and obsessions have come out regarding Bill Clinton, among others, yet these are completely ignored, while mainstream media has used these same allegations about Trump, to great effect.

It’s also discouraging to see what U.S. politics has become, and what the entire electoral process is used for. It’s basically become a circus with little attention paid to the real problems facing our planet. Those who control this process desire power above all else, and clearly do not care for the interests of the people. This is exactly why they are going after Trump. As Ron Paul said, he is an independent thinker, not a member of the establishment.

Trump’s Response

Below is a video of Trump handling a CNN reporter.

Below is a screen shot of his latest tweets.


Putin’s Response to This Debacle

At first glance, it could be easy to see how Russia would perform a hack of the DNC if you believe the propaganda coming from mainstream U.S. news, but upon closer look and by listening to more than one worldly news outlet, like The Intercept, RT,or Anti Media, you will begin to see a different story coming together.

Once these claims began floating around, we reached out to various high level contacts that might be able to help us get to the bottom of what was really going on. How did Trump actually win? Who was providing WikiLeaks with all of the information? The elite is clearly panicking, but what are they going to do next?

From those sources, whom we can’t name at the moment for obvious reasons but are connected to individuals inside the FBI and CIA, we’ve heard that the leaks came from the inside. They came from people who were tired of having to play the elite and cabal’s game and watching as it began to negatively affect their own country and life. In essence, these people, like Snowden, had seen enough and were fed up with the constant lies, coverups, and manipulation, so they decided to do something about it.

This message has been directly copied off a section of Russia’s Foreign Policy on their government website. Of course, take this for whatever resonates with you — that is the key here! But alternate perspectives are important.

Frankly speaking, we are tired of lies about Russian hackers that continue to be spread in the United States from the very top. The Obama administration launched this misinformation half a year ago in a bid to play up to the required nominee at the November presidential election and, having failed to achieve the desired effect, has been trying to justify its failure by taking it out with a vengeance on Russian-US relations.

However, the truth about the White House-orchestrated provocation is bound to surface sooner or later. In fact, this is already happening. On December 8, US media quoted Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp as saying that the local authorities tracked down the origin of a hacker attack on his voter registration database after the election. The attack was traced to an IP address of the Department of Homeland Security. This was followed by an attempt to quickly cover up this information by a flood of new anti-Russian accusations that did not contain a single piece of evidence.

We can only add that if Washington takes new hostile steps, it will receive an answer. This applies to any actions against Russian diplomatic missions in the United States, which will immediately backfire at US diplomats in Russia. The Obama administration probably does not care at all about the future of bilateral relations, but history will hardly forgive it for this après-nous-le-deluge attitude. (source)

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