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Imagine this: an all-inclusive resort that offers 100% natural and plant-based food, yoga classes, personal growth seminars, meditation, colon cleansing, massages, mud baths, and a safe and authentic plant medicine experience. It might sound too good to be true, but these are the amenities offered at a real facility called Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica!

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The Collective Evolution team was invited to enjoy a one-week stay at Rythmia this past December. The majority of the team wasn’t planning on participating in the plant medicine ceremonies. However, after meeting the facility’s on-site doctor and nurses and learning that Rythmia is the first legal medically licensed place to offer plant medicine, some of us changed our minds.

What Is Rythmia and What Can It Do for You??

On the company’s website, Rythmia defines itself an “all-inclusive, medically licensed luxury resort and wellness centre in Costa Rica” that is designed to “help you align your mind, body and spirit into harmony and peace.” In truth, that’s exactly what the facility does — provides a safe space for you to heal and inspires you to take the “fast track” toward turning your life around.

Rythmia was founded by Gerard Powell, a successful businessman who struggled with various drug and alcohol addictions. Instead of fearing his hardships, he embraced them and transformed them into his strengths, a change that ultimately led him to build Rythmia. He strives to inspire others and show them that they too can overcome any of their battles, no matter how dark or how challenging, through natural healing modalities and the power of the Self. His own experiences with plant medicine and soul searching formed the backbone of his vision for Rythmia.

While trying to overcome his addictions, Gerard met Dr. Jeff McNairy, Psy.D, MPH, a UCLA graduate and health practitioner dedicated to bridging ancient modalities with Western psychology. Gerard hired Dr. Jeff to be the on-site doctor at Rythmia, as Dr. Jeff has extensive experience in using plant medicine as an effective healing modality and advocates that “most of the real healing can only come from within.”

Gerard considers plant medicine, a “shortcut” to happiness and, for many, there’s some truth in that. Certain plant medicine’s has been scientifically proven to provide users with many potential health benefits (1, 2) and help people heal from drug and alcohol addictions (3). Plant medicine is also known to induce mystical and spiritual visions, allowing users to connect with their souls and discover the innate love and happiness we hold within us. However, due to the nature of certain plant medicines, it’s important to have licensed medical staff close by, which is why Rythmia ensures nurses and/or Dr. Jeff are readily available 24/7.

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Why It’s Important to Take Plant Medicine in a Legal, Safe Place

If you’re unfamiliar with plant medicine, it can come in a number of forms. Rythmia offers one that is basically a tea brewed from a specific mixture of plants found in the Amazonian jungle. This tea is a cultural staple in South America and should always be brewed by a Shaman. During the ceremony, the Shaman is said to communicate with the spirit of Mother “Ayahuasca” in order to guide users through their experience. It’s crucial that the ceremony be led by a Shaman and that the Shaman actually ingests some of the brew.

Typically, when you’re taking plant medicine like this, you endure some form of purging, which often manifests as vomiting. However, other forms include laughing, crying, bowel movements, perspiring, and, in my experience, itching, shaking, and nausea. Due to the hallucinogenic nature of some plant medicines and its broad range of side effects, it’s important to have a medical crew readily available in case of emergencies.

Let’s clarify one thing: plant medicine’s should not be referred to as a drug. They are not meant to be used recreationally. It is a healing modality. It also should not be abused with overuse. In general, there have been very few reported “emergencies” due to plant medicine, but it has happened.

You may have heard some horror stories about plant medicine (e.g. that one time someone stabbed another participant with a knife he took from the kitchen or that young man who passed away tragically in Peru). You shouldn’t be permitted to leave during a ceremony unsupervised (let alone wander off to a kitchen by yourself), which is why it’s crucial to do your research prior to choosing a facility. If you’re interested in taking plant medicine, you must ensure it’s in a safe place, especially one that you feel comfortable in.

This is precisely why Rythmia is so proud to be the first legal medically licensed facility that’s equipped with ample full-time medical staff. Immediately upon arrival at the resort, you have a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Jeff who assesses your physical health, which determines whether or not you can participate in the plant medicine ceremonies. There are also seminars on plant medicine offered daily with the Shamans, so you can meet them and ask them any questions or voice any concerns you have.

During some of the ceremonies, I noticed that they even had ambulances waiting nearby, despite the fact that they’ve never had any serious issues arise. In addition, the fact that the ceremonies are 100% legal and there are licensed medical staff readily available if need be may provide participants with peace of mind. Rythmia specifically provides those who participate in the ceremonies with a “medicinal dosage” that is safe to consume.

Other Services Offered at Rythmia

Even if you decide not to partake in the plant ceremonies, Rythmia has so much more to offer you. Like many other all-inclusive resorts, there is a pool and multiple lounging areas. However, Rythmia is re-defining the typical “all-inclusive” experience; you won’t leave Rythmia feeling exhausted and unhealthy, but rather rejuvenated and cleansed.

Although plant medicine was part of the inspiration behind Rythmia, it has grown into a luxury resort that is designed to inspire personal growth and transformation using many other tools. Rythmia offers many relaxing activities and healing modalities that are meant to merge the mind, body, and soul.

Rythmia offers activities to improve both your inner and outer realities. The seminars are focused around life transformation, manifestation, and plant medicine education. The food is all-natural, organic, and mostly plant-based. There is an onsite fitness centre, yoga room, and spa, and visitors receive complimentary colon cleanses, mud baths, aura readings, and massages. Every night you have the option of participating in a plant ceremony and/or a 2-hour guided meditation.

Even if you feel like “you don’t need to be healed,” Rythmia has something to offer you. Healing comes from deep within, so you may not be conscious of the events and emotions you’ve remained attached to. Even if you don’t participate in any of the natural healing modalities offered at Rythmia, the energy alone at the facility will ignite something within you. There were nights where I would cry hysterically, laugh uncontrollably, and experience intense bursts of joy, all for perceivably “no reason.”

Of course, you have the ability to find your miracle on your own. You don’t need to travel to Costa Rica to find yourself and heal your emotional body. However, if you are seeking a an adventure and feel the call to spiritual growth, Rythmia can help you get there!

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