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Unidentified flying objects come in all shapes and sizes, from cartoonish flying saucers to slick, cigar-shaped crafts. Triangle ships are another common breed of UFO, with the more famous sightings occurring in the 1980s and 90s (Rendlesham UFO Incident, Phoenix Lights, Belgium UFO Wave).

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It turns out, however, that the biggest triangle UFO cases of all might be happening right now. During the summer of 2016, photos, videos, and testimonies featuring large, dark triangle aircraft flying low and quiet, and even hovering over neighborhoods, began to surface. The trend did not stop and has persisted to this day!


Triangle Craft Photographed in Frederick, Maryland August 2016 (According to MUFON report)


Triangle Craft Caught on Video in Charlottesville, Virginia July 2016 (According to MUFON Report)

Accounts of enormous, silent triangular-shaped ships are now being reported every week, with dozens of videos, and even more photos and drawings, surfacing. Triangle UFOs have been spotted all over the world, with notable sightings documented in California, South Carolina, Texas, Buenos Aires, MarylandVirginia, and the United Kingdom. One witness in Illinois even wrote in to MUFON about how they experienced missing time after watching multiple triangle crafts eerily survey their campsite.

In a 2004 interview, Coast to Coast AM radio show host George Noorey discussed the reality of triangular UFOs: “They have the ability to silently and instantly accelerate to fantastic speeds. And again, countless witnesses have described how the craft have reacted to witnesses’ thoughts.” These words ring true today when you read modern-day witness reports.

Media outlets like the UK’s Express News and The Inquisitr speculate that this alarming increase in UFO sightings is due to top-secret military activity. Believe it or not, this theory is not new. Over the years, many UFO researchers have concluded that black triangle crafts belong to the United States government and are part of its black military budget, referring to the rumored “TR-3B” government craft.


Artist Depiction of Triangle UFO or “TR-3B” Craft, Image source:

If triangle crafts belong to the US government, as some UFO researchers and witnesses suggest, why has there been such an uptick in sightings? Could the US government really be operating a secret space program? Perhaps there are secret space missions going on above our heads right now! On the other hand, if triangle crafts are not man-made, could extra-terrestrials be visiting? Other types of UFO sightings also increased in 2016, after all.

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Sightings of unidentified triangle crafts don’t appear to be associated with any injury or harm to the witnesses, so although some people online have guessed that a clandestine space war is occurring, it’s also possible the pilots of these crafts, whether human or alien, are peacefully passing through.

What do you think of these black triangle UFOs? Are they man-made or alien? Have you ever seen one?

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