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Winter can be a dry season for those in colder climates, a lot of dead skin surfaces and moisturizing can be important to keep your skin hydrated.

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If you are in a warm, sunny climate, lucky you! We thrive from having contact with the sun, as it is our energizing daily source of vitamin D. Although the sun can physically and emotionally benefit us in many ways, we know that it is important to take proper care of our largest organ – our skin!

Though coconut oil will not be able to protect the skin from long durations of sun exposure, it does have minimal SPF protection. We recommend nourishing and protecting the skin with this natural oil before and after going out in the sun, in addition to limiting sun exposure and covering up when necessary.

silkenyAs dead skin cells increase in melanin from the sun, it is a good idea (unless the skin is burned!) to exfoliate and support the process of regenerating new skin cell growth. Using organic coconut oil and epsom salts as a general body scrub will help the skin stay soft and clean from bacteria. We love adding soothing essential oils to our body scrub recipe, as they can add fragrant, invigorating and relaxing responses in the body, depending on the essential oils used.

We recommend using Silkeny Organic Coconut Oil for this body scrub recipe, as well as Living Libations essential oils, as we can affirm the integrity and quality behind these products. We chose to use lavender and peppermint oil to create an invigorating, yet calming and cooling effect for the summer. Here is our recipe for Silkeny soft, supple skin!


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1 tbsp Silkeny Organic Coconut Oil
2–3 drops of pure lavender essential oil
1 drop peppermint essential oil
2 tbsp epsom salt


Mix the essential oils and organic coconut oil in a small jar or cup and stir for up to a minute. Add the epsom salt to the coconut oil and mix. Stand in the shower and use the scrub on your dry body until you have used it all. Note: avoid touching your eyes or using the body scrub on the face as it can be too abrasive for such a sensitive area. Turn on your shower and wash everything off with water. Enjoy your new supple skin! Repeat this process every week or two.

If you enjoyed this recipe please share it with your friends and family. We are so happy to provide information and recipes on the many uses of Silkeny’s organic coconut oil. 

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