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Recently I was honored to be Author of the Month on Graham Hancock’s website. I really enjoyed responding to questions on the Message Board in this capacity, and eventually a thread emerged from my own called “When the computer analogy [of the brain or mind] fails.”

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The main point of my book, If DNA is Software, Who Wrote the Code?can be summarized in the need for the deep recognition that it is NOT an analogy. We created computer software in the “image of” Nature, reflecting an innate intelligence that modern science conveniently ignores.

The conceit of modern science and materialism may well be our undoing because we operate under the false assumption that we can “improve” on or control Nature.

The science behind seedless watermelons is amazing, but we’ve lost sight of the fact that the real Miracle is the watermelon.

We see our own ‘intelligence’ as being somehow an improvement on Nature, as though reality is a dumb accident and we somehow got smart.

If we recall that ancient wisdom saw Nature as divinely intelligent and worshipped this intelligence as superior to man’s, we may want to rethink our position. The Egyptians, for example, saw the movement of the wind, growth of crops, flooding of the Nile, and the path of the heavens as living energies — not as “primitive” deities but rather as Living Intelligent Energetic forces to be understood and appreciated and never as forces that could be subjugated to human desires or controlled.

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The Greek philosophers who followed the Egyptians created myths specifically addressing this point, where humans who aspired to become such Gods always perished through their own hubris, Achilles heel, or tragic flaw.

At the moment, as Deepak Chopra often describes in his talks, our science has come up against this issue as an insurmountable barrier to continued discovery.

Along the same lines as the premise of this article, the title of Deepak’s latest book, co-authored by physicist and philosopher Menas Kafatos, is You Are the Universe. I would presume that this is also “not an analogy” and that by taking this in deeply, as individuals and hopefully as a culture, we can truly evolve to a different level of thinking and being.

I remain convinced — and describe more fully in my book — that the evolutionary aspects of software and genetic sequencing are inadvertent incidents of biomimicry; namely, our species has used technology to discover an immense intelligence within Nature — as Eckhart Tolle has said — and that this intelligence (via DNA) manages all of our “automatic” human functions.

This intelligence was probably known and used by ancient civilizations for many purposes of which we remain ignorant. One obvious example is homeopathic and Chinese medicine, based on the movement of body energy, and the entire wisdom behind chakras. Unfortunately, the systematic approach of modern science has not been adequately focused on these discoveries and they are seen as ‘woo woo.’

Another clue along these lines is the development of wireless transmission of information and power — providing another clear example of an invisible means of communication of which humans were long unaware.

dna_cover_600But as meditation finds its way into classrooms, more and more people will discover these truths for themselves — which is the way of evolution.

In one of my favourite Eckhart Tolle videos, he is asked the purpose of the Ego – if, as he describes, its misunderstanding has led to so much suffering. His answer invokes a higher evolutionary arc beyond the limits of humankind itself, and he sees the egoic capacity of many as a simple problem-solving tool that has been mistaken for our actual purpose and identity.

If we can go beyond the “analogy” of software as thought/language and encoded intelligence and recognize that these energies and forces are at work in Nature and through us regardless of human activity or knowledge — that they are REAL and not metaphors — then we can evolve to capacities that take us, as Eckhart Tolle says,  above (or beyond) the limitations of egoic thought.



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