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Do vaccines cause autism? Over the past few decades, a considerable amount of research has emerged, published in various peer-reviewed journals, declaring the need to look into this further. Some have said definitively that there is a considerable risk for autism, or autism-like features and other neurodegenerative diseases, while others claim, just as definitively that vaccines do not cause autism whatsoever.

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One thing is for certain — the masses are unaware of the research showing a link between vaccines and autism, and in fact, many still do not believe that this type of research even exists. We’ve seen a considerable amount of pro-vaccine marketing, and the media heavily stigmatizes anyone who questions their safety.

The “Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism” Side

Those who believe that vaccines don’t cause autism will commonly point to the science, usually citing  government health authorities, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which state that “studies have shown that there is no link between vaccines and developing ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)” and that adverse reactions are rare.

Most of the studies debunking the vaccine-autism link come from the CDC itself. For example, a study they conducted in 2013 examined the substances and microbes in vaccines that trigger the immune system to react with antibodies that fight disease (antigens). They looked at these antigens in two-year-olds and concluded that “the total amount of antigen from vaccines received was the same between children with ASD and those that did not have ASD. “

When it comes to vaccine ingredients, like mercury, the CDC commonly cites a study from 2004, stating that “the evidence favours rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism.” Several conflicts of interest were noted in this study regarding the authors, but were not disclosed.

And more evidence is emerging. One of the lead authors of these studies, a senior scientist at the CDC who has published multiple studies heavily cited by the CDC debunking a link between mercury, the MRR vaccine, and autism (Thompson, et al. 2007, Price, et al. 2010Destefano, et al. 2004), Dr. William Thompson, came out publicly stating that it was “the lowest point” in his career when he “went along with [the] paper” that debunked this link. He went on to say that he and the other authors “didn’t report significant findings” and that he is “completely ashamed” of what he did.

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Thompson was involved in studies between 2003 and 2012, when the CDC funded or conducted approximately 10 studies that found “no link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and ASD, as well as no link between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MR) vaccine and ASD in children.”

What’s more, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently issued a challenge to journalists and scientists, offering a $100,000 dollar reward to anybody who can provide a study showing that it is safe to inject mercury into babies, while himself offering approximately 100 studies showing that it’s not. Most people don’t know that vaccine adjuvants have simply been assumed safe, without any toxicology studies to prove it. This is precisely why Kennedy and his team are taking this initiative.

Lastly, another way the “vaccination does not cause ASD” argument is defended is by discrediting research that demonstrates a link. These types of papers come under severe scrutiny, and some have been retracted and even ridiculed despite being backed by many researchers. One of the most recent cases involved a paper titled “Behavioural abnormalities in young female mice following administration of aluminum adjuvants and the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil” that found strong evidence for neuroinflammation and autoimmune reactions.

The ironic part is that research showing a link is commonly discredited, even though those from within the field have been discrediting most ‘mainstream’ science. The editors in chiefs of some of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, like Dr. Richard Horton, Dr. Arnold Seymour Relman, and Dr. Marcia Angell, have all emphasized how a very large percentage of research is corrupted by political and industry interests.

If vaccines and autism aren’t connected, ask yourself, why are so many professionals, scientists, and doctors convinced otherwise? Let’s take a look.

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The “Vaccines Cause Autism” Side

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of studies implicating vaccines and autism, and more seem to surface every single year. According to Dr. Lucija Tomlijenovic, PhD., a post-doctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia where she works in neurosciences and the Department of Medicine:

I have a document from 2002 from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)… discussing the assessment of vaccine ingredients… and testing specifically in animal models.

Back then, the FDA stated that the routine toxicity studies in animals with vaccine ingredients have not been conducted because it was assumed that these ingredients are safe. When I read that I was kind of pulling my hairs out [thinking] ‘So, this is your indisputable evidence of safety?’ 

Consider the following meta-analysis that was published in the journal Bio Med Research International:

The studies on which the [pro-mercury vaccine] CDC relies on and over which it exerted some level of control report that there is no increased risk of autism from exposure to organic Hg in vaccines, and some of these studies even reported that exposure to Thimerosal appeared to decrease the risk of autism.

These six studies are in sharp contrast to research conducted by independent researchers over the past 75+ years that have consistently found Thimerosal to be harmful. As mentioned in the Introduction section, many studies conducted by independent investigators have found Thimerosal to be associated with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Considering that there are many studies conducted by independent researchers which show a relationship between Thimerosal and neurodevelopmental disorders, the results of the six studies examined in this review, particularly those showing the protective effects of Thimerosal, should bring into question the validity of the methodology used in the studies.”

We’re also seeing the same thing right now with aluminum, another substance that’s been viewed as non-toxic by the FDA and by vaccine manufacturers. This determination means no appropriate studies have been undertaken to prove its safety.

Yet a growing number of studies have linked the use of aluminum adjuvants to serious autoimmune outcomes in humans. (source)(source)(source)(source) The use of this adjuvant has been connected to all kinds of diseases, from autism to brain disease to Alzheimer’s and much more.

“Experimental research . . . clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans.”

–  Dr. Lucija Tomlijenovic (source)

There are numerous studies that have examined aluminum’s potential to induce toxic effects, and this is clearly established in medical literature, and has been for a long time. (source)

Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of evidence to emerge within the past few years, as mentioned earlier, comes from senior CDC scientist and whistleblower Dr. William Thompson (author of multiple CDC studies debunking a vaccine-autism link). Not only did he admit to falsifying data on the order of his superiors at the CDC, he also transferred concealed data to his colleague, Dr. Brian Hooker.

Hooker is one of the authors of the mercury meta-analysis listed above, and he ia also a long-time CDC scientists who took that data shortly after the Thompson incident and published a report in 2014 in the peer-reviewed journal Translational NeurodegenerationIt found a 340% increased risk of autism in African American boys receiving the Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine on time. The study was  retracted during the same time of this controversy.

Apart from the science aspect, the “vaccines cause autism’ camp also cites scientific fraud, but has actual documents to prove it.  For example, a leaked report from GlaxoSmithKline “details adverse effects associated with autism, including encephalitis, developmental delays, altered states of consciousness, speech delays and other adverse reactions.”

There are also documents revealing that vaccine manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and health authorities have known about multiple dangers associated with vaccines but chose to withhold them from the public. They show that health authorities and vaccine manufacturers made “continuous efforts to withhold critical data on severe adverse reactions and contraindications to vaccinations to both parents and health practitioners in order to reach overall vaccination rates, which they deemed were necessary for ‘herd immunity.’ ” (source)

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The details above are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether autism is connected to vaccination or not is an issue that clearly requires closer scrutiny and in-depth analysis. It’s time to make all of the evidence available to the public and have a serious discussion between experts on both sides of the coin.

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