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According to a White House statement released earlier today, President Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey following recommendations from the US attorney general Jeff Sessions and deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein.

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“The FBI is one of our Nation’s most cherished and respected institutions and today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement,” said President Trump. “While I greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that I am not under investigation…” Trump told Comey in a letter, he was recommending the firing nonetheless.

A permanent FBI director has not yet been chosen but the process is underway.

Is This A Surprise?

This may come as a surprise to some, but to those who have had their suspicions about Comey’s intentions and motivations following his decisions to let off Hillary Clinton during the email scandals, even after it was reopened, this may not be a surprise at all.

The firing of Comey comes a few days after investigations into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election. An idea made popular by many including the mainstream media and Hillary’s campaign. They felt that Russia must have been involved, along with fake news, in order for Trump to win. This has never been proven but suspicions remain. As discussed and reported on in detail on CE, Trump likely got in as a result of divides within the cabal and various levels of establishment that no longer wanted to see the Clinton camp, and their predecessors, having rule any longer.

To many in the alternative world the FBI’s reputation has been questionable for many years, however the recent email scandals of 2016 have brought to light the inner workings of how the organization can very easily protect those who move the agendas of the cabal forward. Whether this be politicians or public figures, much like we saw with Hillary Clinton.

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From a big picture perspective, these events serve humanity in a way that allows us to see more clearly that organizations apparently designed to protect the people and have their best interests in mind, are not operating in that manner. This comes alongside many leaks and facts that have come forward over recent years helping to expose what truly goes on at governmental levels that were previously assumed to be completely credible and benevolent.

In the end, we’re seeing more transparency come to the surface through the unfoldment of various events in the public eye that help us to question how our world truly functions. Through this lens, we are able to see what’s really going on so we can understand that we are being held back systematically from thriving. This is important as it allows us to realize we are designed to thrive and that it’s through systematic manipulation that we are divided, powerful people are protected and their agendas go forth. Thankfully, this is all shifting. 

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