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Over the past few years, more and more promising research has been emerging on the efficacy of using MDMA to treat mental illness, particularly post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The results of these studies so far have been overwhelmingly positive, and major breakthroughs have been made. However, one significant roadblock still stands in the way of MDMA becoming an accepted treatment for mental illness: MDMA remains a Schedule 1 substance in North America, which means it’s not only highly illegal, but deemed to have no medical value whatsoever.

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Classing the drug in this way not only makes studying it for its therapeutic benefits extremely difficult, but it makes it virtually impossible to treat patients currently suffering with PTSD even though it has proven to be successful over and over again.

We recently covered a story about how Dr. Bronner’s, the famous natural soap company, donated $5 million to MAPS — Multidisciplinary Studies for Psychedelic Medicine — to make MDMA an FDA approved drug. MAPS is responsible for some of the larger scale studies involving MDMA, and so far they have completed five studies and have four more that are ongoing.

MAPS’ extensive research in this realm has led them to believe that, when combined with psychotherapy, this drug has incredibly healing potential, and they feel strongly that this needs to be brought to the mainstream and made available to everyone who is suffering. If you agree, and would like to see this method of treatment gain some traction and be accepted by mainstream medicine, then you can help.

How Can You Help?

MAPS has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise $50,000, and they are running out of time to reach this goal. They are asking for your help to make this dream a reality and continue their efforts to assist those who are suffering. Check out their campaign video below.

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If you would like to support this campaign, please click here.

I recently overheard someone remark that psychedelic plants are like the new medical marijuana (even though, technically speaking, cannabis is itself a psychedelic plant medicine) when it comes to legalization and public perception. It has been incredible to see how far we have come in regards to psychedelic research in just a few short years.

This may come as a surprise to you, but before many common psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD, ayahuasca, and DMT became illegal in the first place, there were actually a lot of studies conducted on them showing their capacity to treat various mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, and addiction, to name a few. Then these substances became illegal and the studies came to an abrupt halt. It is baffling how we could have abandoned such promising research, but thankfully, the truth of the power in these substances is finally coming out. That is what’s important.

It is difficult for organizations like MAPS to obtain government funding because this treatment works so well, and as we know, BigPharma only supports treatments that create lifelong customers, not self-sufficient and healthy people. Accordingly, your support is so greatly needed and very much appreciated!

If this resonates with you, please consider supporting this initiative if you can, and if you are unable to support financially but still want to help, please share this article!

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