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There will be a New Moon in Gemini on May 25th-26th, depending on where you are located in the world. New Moons initiate a new wave of energy influencing the upcoming month. However, it has a stronger influence over the first two weeks. 

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Saturn is currently in a trine aspect with Uranus for the second time, which was exact on May 19th. Saturn has to do with commitments, responsibilities, structures, and discipline, and could even represent career focus. Uranus is associated with innovation, technology, insights, breakthroughs, and changes.

As these themes are interacting with each other, some people might need to make adjustments in their commitments and responsibilities in response to any changes. In most cases these will be positive, but if we have a hard time adapting, then it could be a bit challenging. This energy started in December and will conclude in November.

Gemini: Communication, Curiosity, Knowledge

Gemini is a ‘mutable air’ sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and thinking. Mutable signs — Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces — are always the last sign of each season and have adaptable and spreadable properties. Air signs, which include Libra and Aquarius, are more socially and intellectually oriented. When you combine these two sets of characteristics, you end up with Gemini.

Gemini is the sign of the twins, duality, and multiple personalities. It is also known as the ‘trickster’, partially due to these qualities. Gemini is the master of language and grammar, serving as both a transmitter and receiver of information and knowledge. It is the ultimate student and curiosity fuels its drive to learn.

This Moon cycle gives us an opportunity to work with these qualities more than usual and perhaps in new ways for some. This energy can also be more apparent externally through other people we interact with or observe, the information we come across, and through events and circumstances.

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Venus Square Pluto, Trine Saturn, and Conjunct Uranus

On the day of and leading up to this New Moon, Venus in Aries is in an exact square with Pluto. This can be a time of intensity in relationships, which can play out through jealousy, manipulation, power struggles, and/or possessiveness. Hidden matters can surface during this period, but in some cases this can be a transformative and even sexually passionate energy. Some people may even experience complications and perhaps a need to change their approach to money and pleasures.

Venus later connects to Saturn in a harmonious trine, then aligns with Uranus. Saturn can bring some strengthening and stabilizing energy to relationships, money, aesthetics, and pleasures, and this is strongest on May 31st-June 1st. Uranus, which is more dominant on June 2nd-3rd, can represent situations or changes that can be unusual and exciting, and can also overlap and integrate with Saturn’s influence.

Mars Is Opposing Saturn in a T-Square With Chiron, and Sextile Uranus

Mars in Gemini is in an opposition to Saturn, which is exact on May 28th-29th. They are both in a T-square with Chiron. This can feel like a hurdle in the way we are asserting ourselves. It could play out through restricting energy imposed by other people or circumstances, or our own blocks and wounds getting in the way. What is required is either extra effort, a dose of realism, and/or the need to reconsider or revamp your actions.

Following the opposition of Saturn, Mars receives support from Uranus, which can help us to assert ourselves in new ways, which can be liberating or innovative. This can be very relieving considering Saturn’s influence leading up to this period, although it isn’t as strong and dominating. This will be more prominent on May 30th-31st.

Mars makes its exact square with Chiron on June 1st-2nd, which could again bring up challenges getting in the way. Depending on the person, it could manifest as surfacing issues regarding anger, aggression, and irritability. In some cases this influence could also have a healing effect on these issues as well.

New Moon Trine Jupiter and Square Neptune

Although this New Moon isn’t making any tight aspects with other planets, it is moving toward a harmonious trine with Jupiter in Libra and a challenging square to Neptune. These energies strongly influence the period of June 2nd-4th and also lightly playing out during the first 16 hours following this New Moon.

Jupiter involved provides a great energy for expanding our horizons, whether that is regarding our social connections, knowledge, and looking at different sides of things. Spiritual pursuits do well with Jupiter and Neptune combined, but the square to Neptune can also make things a bit confusing.

Mercury Sextile Neptune and Trine Pluto

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in Taurus in a sextile aspect with Neptune and trine with Pluto. Mercury to Neptune helps to stimulate intuition, as well as creative/imaginative thoughts and communications. This energy is strongest around May 27th-28th.

Mercury trine Pluto is great for facilitating deeper understanding and insight while dealing with practical matters. This can also help us to really focus our attention, even during Gemini season, which can easily be a scattered energy. This will occur prominently between May 30th-31st.

Making Intentions and Things to Consider

This upcoming month is a great time for learning and expanding your knowledge. Making social connections and getting around to connect with a variety of people and ideas can also be a good use of time and energy. Improving the way we communicate and write — perhaps even learning a different language — can flow well during this month.

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It is best to set your intentions or other New Moon related actions in the first 24 hours following. The strongest window of time is during the first 30 minutes after the exact time, but it can even be started within the 30 minutes leading up to it, depending on how precise you want to be with this. The exact moment of this New Moon will be at 7:44pm Universal Time. You can click here for your time zone.

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