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When things we view as tragic take place in our world, it’s inevitable that feelings arise. There may be a flurry of emotions, judgements, worries, fears, etc. that come into our minds when we witness intense experiences.

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When the world learned about the recent Manchester bombing that left 22 dead and many injured at an Ariana Grande concert, many began to go through the emotions and thoughts that came with it.

The first thing I thought upon hearing the news was that this would likely create a lot more fear on this planet. More worry, more stress, more anger and anxiety — all things we don’t need any more of. Then I thought, how can we mitigate this? Kids were at this event and parents are going to be even more anxious about protecting them now. And that’s understandable! But I still felt like holding on to this fear is not the answer.

We were having a content meeting here in our office thinking about how we could talk about the events and offer the conscious perspective we try to take on current events. In the alternative media space, the quick approach is to start looking at whether or not it was a false flag.

However, we do know that the UK’s domestic counter-intelligence and security agency, MI5, was warned about the Manchester bomber twice and did nothing to stop him. (source) (source)

Since there isn’t yet enough information on whether or not it was false flag, and people out there are feeling many things, so we thought, why not approach this from the perspective of how families can talk about this amongst one another effectively? Most importantly, how can parents process this and talk to their kids about it?

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I was in an Uber coming back from California when I first learned of what happened. The Uber driver was clearly feeling a number of emotions and was very confused about how this could be happening in our world. It again became clear that focusing on how we can process these events properly and move through them to gain an understanding of how they might serve us, regardless of how challenging they can be, was a good approach to take.

Conscious Parenting

When it comes to events like this, I believe it’s important we don’t simply jump into fear mode and stay there. With the way the mainstream media can be, we can very quickly fall victim to fear mongering and remain in that state if we don’t know how to see beyond these agendas and process what life’s experiences are providing us. In order to create a world of peace and evolve beyond the need for such suffering, we need to face it head on and transcend it.

I myself don’t have children, and while I could tap into deeper states of consciousness to determine how I would talk to my kids about it if I did have them, I felt it would be even more beneficial to talk to someone who does have a child and who deals with conscious parenting every day.

So I decided to reach out to my friend Natalie to ask for her thoughts on how people could have this important conversation.

When I asked her how she, as a parent, would talk to her kids about the events that took place from a conscious perspective, this is what she said:

If the children are roughly 10-16 year olds, they are early teenagers/young adults who yearn for the comfort of home and stability of home, the regular rhythm. So when tragedy happens, I would make it my responsibility to ensure they are safe and ensure they *feel* safe. That their world isn’t going to turn upside down despite what mainstream media suggests.

It would be a deep talk about how everything serves us, including what we observe. It would be a lesson to examine what we need to let go of. The stories, programs, and belief systems that keep us stuck in a world that is 3-D. Fear based, ego ruled, divided and segregated. I would also say to the children that nothing would happen in our life unless there was something there for us to learn from, to free us. So it all serves. The goal is to get rid of the stories, and return to our natural state of peace. And anything that doesn’t align with that, I let go of. Whatever plays out is for the highest good of everyone concerned. Even though it may be tragic and lives are lost, our soul signs up for the experience it receives.

Now why would anyone ask for this, they might ask? For the suffering that happened in Manchester? Tragedy in general? That is beyond my very finite brain to comprehend, but only a very infinite energy can orchestrate for a purpose. But Source, that is infinite, is all knowing, all powerful, and all good, and we are meant to surrender and trust without fear. I’d probably share a story of when something tragic happened to me, how I lost faith in the community, and lost trust in a greater power/Source, but then how I gained it back again.

Through surrendering and the understanding that we aren’t here for what we project in the physical world, but we are here for soul growth. And what we experience in the physical realm is all the manifestation of what we can use as opportunity for highest soul growth. So something tragic and confusing happens? How can I use what I’ve observed and heard and seen on the mainstream media and around me for my highest soul growth? What programs, stories, belief systems do I need to let go of? What am I fearful of? Where do I feel tension in my body? Tightening in the chest? I would introduce mindfulness exercises on deep breathing and opening up to align with unity consciousness, balance, love, and peace. I would also say to the children that all souls have the opportunity for exponential growth, including those individuals who didn’t make the best choices.

As much as many children are coming to the planet as advanced souls, I know they still need to work out certain components and parts of experience being on the planet at this time. Our goals as conscious parents shouldn’t be to prevent them from being exposed to various experiences and people. Because, whatever they need to gain within any interaction and environment, will take place. So, I’d open up a dialogue with the children to help guide them through programs, stories, fears, maybe connected to their past childhood so they can be cleared. In conscious parenting, its best to try not to cover up or escape from the harsh truth of what occurs in the world around us, it’s best for everybody to interact and walk through the emotions the hard truth brings up.

And I know you don’t have a child, and may not be at that stage yet, but really how you would talk to them from a conscious perspective is how you would talk to anyone else, really. It is as much a test of us, to see them as an extension of ourselves and as a full person. Because we grew up differently. Our parents wanted to shelter us, and believed they knew better than us and wanted to direct and impart knowledge and wisdom upon us when we really had it all along!

I believe that it is helpful to see the parent child relationship as one with mutual reciprocity, balance, and flow. I don’t think of Sophia as a child, though of course she is. But I speak to her the same way I would speak to an adult. So what exactly is conscious parenting? It’s about mindfulness, authenticity, and oneness. A way of life.

The Power of a New Approach

Incredible to think of this from a different approach, isn’t it? Not only does it help us to face things head on, but it also allows us to move forward without the incessant fear and worry that we believe is necessary in our experience (when it’s absolutely not).

As Natalie mentioned above, I believe, and have for a long time, that the approach is to speak to our kids as if they were adults. Nothing seems more counterproductive than to talk down to children, lie to them about questions they ask, mislead them to “protect” them, and so forth. We only hold them back with this approach. In order to create a world that is more conscious, we must not only begin within ourselves, but also work to pass this on to our youth during their formative years. After all, many of the children being born today are already greatly challenging us and our systems to evolve. We might as well roll with it!

If you are inspired to keep in touch with Natalie’s writings about her journey through conscious parenting, check out her website!

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