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Have you ever seen mattresses, furniture, toys, or anything else simply lying on the side of the road? I live in Toronto, and this is a common sight to see. However, these items seem to disappear as quickly as they’re put out, often times because people will pick them up before the dump trucks can even get to them

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Have you ever refurbished anything off the side of the road, or picked up something you thought would look cute or be of great use in your home? Even if you haven’t, many other people have, and they’ve posted online about it!

Not only is this trend a cheap way to fill up your home, but it’s also environmentally-friendly, and an easy way for people to consume less. We’ve become so obsessed with consuming items, purchasing anything that’s in fashion, that we tend to reuse less frequently than previous generations.

Perhaps after seeing some of these great finds you’ll be open to picking up the next item you see along the side of the road.

These three mugs and two martini glasses were also found in the trash of Vermont:

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A pile of otherwise trash on the side of the road. Think about how much you’d spend on these items regularly, and how much gas and emissions it would take to get all of this shipped to you. But instead, some lucky fellow found it sitting pretty on the side of a road:

If you’re a sucker for art like I am, you might even find art that you like in the garbage! What’s considered ugly to one person is perhaps a gem to another. This trash can find was discovered in Rosemont, Illinois:

This bluetooth speaker was found in Quebec trash:

This chandelier was also found in Quebec trash, and it was actually broken into pieces when it was spotted. However, the individual who found it was handy enough to put it back together!

This trash can find worked perfectly, and apparently makes delicious espresso and lattes. The value? An estimated $200-$300.

I’m not kidding, someone even found a Mac laptop in the trash. Granted, the finder did have to purchase a new battery and charger, but that’s still cheaper than purchasing an entirely new laptop! It’s important to note that many companies, including Apple, will take back your old electronics and reuse its parts, and will sometimes even give you discounts on future purchases if you do so. Please be responsible when disposing of your items, and try your best to either return, reuse, or recycle them!

This individual found this piece on the curb, and then refurbished it into a cute chalkboard aesthetic for a wedding!

One person even creatively refurbished a crate into a chic coffee table!

These chairs were found along the side of the road and then refurbished and repurposed into a bench!

This wine crate was found along the side of the road:

Final Thoughts 

There are countless dumpster diving bloggers all across North America discussing the best tips and tricks for finding curbside gems that would otherwise become trash. At the end of the day, visualizing how something could look with a little paint and creativity is the best way to decipher what should be taken and what should end up being trash.

Remember, you don’t need to try to repurpose everything. Only take what you need, because who knows — maybe someone will come along a couple hours later who truly needs those items!

The overall takeaway here is, perhaps you don’t need to buy everything. Society pushes consumerism on us so heavily that we often forget that purchasing or finding used items is an option. The other key message here is that what’s garbage to you may be beautiful to someone else.

Please do not dispose of your items irresponsibly. Tons of things that end up in landfills really do not need to be there. Many of these items belong in a recycling bin, antique shops, used clothing stores, or many other places that don’t include trash cans.

Happy trash hunting! 🙂



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