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A YouTuber named Jacob Worth is being sued by the diamond company Brilliant Earth for what they are calling defamation. What did he really do? He exposed the fraud they were committing in their marketing. Sounds like a big statement, and it is. By the time we’re done this article we’ll explore how this EXACT same tactic is used by the cabal to attack people who try to expose them.

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Through a series of extensive investigations, Jacob was able to determine that Brilliant Earth was not only lying about where they sourced their diamonds, but also couldn’t possibly know where they had come from given how diamond sourcing works.

Jacob claims to have spent 400 hours researching and investigating the company and their diamond sourcing efforts.

Here’s how it breaks down.

Brilliant Earth created their business under the premise that customers could choose where their diamonds were coming from, satisfying a demand for ethical consumption. They wanted people to know they weren’t supporting ‘blood diamonds,’ as they are often called.

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The company claims to source most of their diamonds from Canada and, as you pick out your expensive diamonds, shows their origin in the description. An authenticity card declaring this origin comes with your diamonds upon purchase. The problem is, the authenticity card is essentially meaningless.

Through a series of investigative moves, which you can check out in the video below, Jacob determined that the diamonds sold on Brilliant Earth’s site are not only not from Canada, but also that the company couldn’t possibly know where they actually came from because they are simply buying them from a supplier in India who is equally ignorant of the diamonds’ true origin.

Check out the video here explaining the details.

You can check out his two follow-up videos here and here.

What’s interesting about this is that Brilliant Earth turned around and sued Jacob Worth for defamation. But isn’t this a little odd? If someone exposes a company’s false marketing claims, shouldn’t the company be held accountable and have to do something to fix the situation? Why does the company have the power to turn around and sue when all that’s really happening is they are bullying the man exposing them through fear and financial strain?

Where It Goes Further

What happened next touches upon a major issue in our society and one that is really important to me personally. It’s a classic move used by powerful people in our world to hide truth from the public, and we saw it in action during the recent presidential election.

The elite or powerful people will use the media to attack someone exposing them by spreading misleading or false claims on sensitive topics so no one can turn around and defend or agree with the person exposing them.

In this case, Brilliant Earth used the media to make Jacob seem like a bad person via a smear campaign pinning him to things like escorts, adult entertainment, and drug dealing — the very things that, if you didn’t really know someone, would automatically make you think they weren’t a ‘good’ person and inherently untrustworthy.

They will also use new hit phrases like ‘pseudo-journalist,’ ‘pseudo-science,’ or fake news when they need to discredit or draw attention away from something. We see this ALL the time when mainstream science dogma is challenged by new and revealing research. As the 2016 elections were racing on, mainstream media was being bought en masse by Clinton’s campaign, regardless of leaks coming out from Wikileaks exposing the corrupt actions of Clinton and her campaign. We saw important stories ignored, avoided, touted as conspiracy theories, etc. And in response, the term ‘FAKE NEWS’ entered the public vernacular and became a defence against anything that didn’t align with corporate media. They ensured alternative ideas would be met with so much doubt that it paralyzed people, regardless of how many times it’s been shown that corporate media manipulates the masses.

What I’m getting at here is, powerful people know other powerful people, and money can buy your way out of a lot of things in this world. We saw this when the CDC kept all information about William Thomson out of the media after he exposed that they knowingly covered up vaccine dangers and he was part of it. We saw this when the egg industry tried to ‘buy’ science to help discredit new studies that came out showing eggs were not good for humans to consume. And we even see this with companies like Monsanto who bully farmers and silence scientists who come out with studies opposing what they are doing.

The challenge? Most people don’t realize this is even happening. And in one fell swoop the company not only protects its image, but turns other people into crazy conspiracy theorists because they know how to manipulate the masses through emotion in the media. It’s how 9/11 truth got hidden, it’s how politicians function, and it’s how they shape the general public into pop culture abiding citizens every day.

Am I saying that every story in the media is false? No. Am I saying that anyone who has murder, rape, pedophilia, sex or drug charges thrown at them in the media is being framed? No. What I am saying is, it’s a tactic commonly used to make the general public doubt what a person is coming out and saying. Simply put, smear campaigns work, and it’s typically government and big corporations who get the most out of them. Question stories you read and be like Jacob and research topics for yourself. It’s one of the only ways to find the truth in this world these days.

Anyone Can Make BIG Change

Lastly, I want to leave you with this: There is nothing special about Jacob that allowed him to do this. You can make a big difference in this world, too, and it starts with changing yourself. As you continue to align with your truth and your path, moreover, you’ll recognize the power you have to look into things in this world that need more awareness and bring that attention to the masses. You never know how far a well-researched story or exposure can go and what it can do to help shift the way our world works. Many people predict that Jacob may single-handedly bring down this company, and you can bet his actions will challenge many companies doing the same.

Look how many countries kicked out Monsanto as a result of awareness being raised about studies and research showing the dangers of GMOs. Look at how many people are diving into themselves to explore who they truly are and what they love as a result of people putting out stories and information on how they did it for themselves.

There is a massive shift taking place on our planet and it’s up to us to embrace it and live our truth.

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