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Race has been such a huge topic in the media lately and I believe there is a specific reason for that. If we look past the elite agendas seeking to divide humanity and create more hate amongst us, we see that the resurgence of racial tensions brings forth an opportunity to not only observe humanity’s ‘ego shadows’ in action, but also work to move past them.

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Yes there is still racism on this planet, and hate. We know that and can see that. But is it truly present to the extent that it’s made out to be in the media? Is the purpose of so much coverage simply to create more drama and divide?

In a conversation with Morgan Freeman on CNN in 2014, Don Lemon reveals how sick he is of having to talk about race on the news and that, while he realizes it’s an important issue, he believes it’s being focused on too heavily — a belief he acknowledges he may be penalized for sharing on air. Morgan Freeman responds with something I used to say when I was a kid in my early years of school, that “if you talk about it, it exists. Making it a bigger issue than it needs to be is the problem here.”

This is precisely how I’ve felt about so many things in my life, and it was only later in life that I realized such hype was strategically being put in place by an elite working to further divide humanity. I’m not suggesting we don’t and shouldn’t raise awareness about our challenges on this planet; I’m saying there is a vast difference between obsessing over it with pure anger and frustration and actually talking about it intelligently and productively.

The latter I believe we fail to do for most issues on this planet. We simply fight to decide who’s right and who’s wrong, arguing over who we can call a worse name, yet we never actually look at the core of why humans even feel the way we do about things. Instead of looking at the root causes of things, we try to force people to change by making them feel terrible about their beliefs. That, I promise you, will never change anything. We must begin to face our challenges from a place of love and understanding to pave the way for people to even feel welcome in questioning their own beliefs. If you don’t agree with that, think of where we’ve come doing things the way we always have. Does it work? The hate, the war, the fighting? Has it truly stopped anything? No.

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Note: We take our journalism to the next level in exploring the root causes of things, ultimately ourselves, in our Explorer Lounge. This is one of the most important initiatives we have put out.

Back to the media. The news functions in a way that requires drama to maintain attention. The more drama that can be thrust into the news on a daily basis, the more viewers and therefore the more profit — it’s quite crazy when you truly think about it.

So what does that mean? We see things over and over and over, to a point where we can no longer rationalize the scale at which something is happening — like terrorism, for example. You would think with the amount it’s talked about and the level of security that exists, we were having terrorist attacks in North America every single day. But we’re not, not even close. But this is the job of an elite-controlled media — to make it feel as though we are constantly under threat.

In the videos below, Morgan Freeman and Don Lemon chat about whether or not genetics or race affect income and success. There are several powerful points embedded here, and I believe it’s very relevant today with all that is going on. It’s a great reflection piece for us all to look at things in a different light.

An Uncomfortable Truth

Talking about race has become incredibly challenging, at least in part because so many of us are quick to find racism in every comment or action. Merely suggesting we need to take a new approach in evolving beyond the need for racism will often result in getting called a racist yourself.

My skin is white, and although I don’t define myself by my skin or even my human body (I simply understand that I am a soul having a human experience), the very fact of my skin’s whiteness means, for many people, that I can take no part in this conversation. I believe this type of thinking is another challenge we face.

As Morgan Freeman and Don Lemon suggest in the above interview, I believe we must take the approach of looking at how we can truly move beyond what we feel race defines for us in our journey on this planet. I’m sure we have all had a racially charged experience in one way or another happen to us. I know I have, regardless of the fact that I’m white. But as much as this is an uncomfortable truth for us, we have to begin to look at the point the video above is truly making: We have the power within ourselves to do anything we wish. Period. Regardless of race, gender, circumstance, etc. We do.

We can go on as long as we choose believing that the opposite is true, but the truth will remain. Why give up all your power to someone or something else when you truly have it all within you?

In the meantime, as we get ourselves into that knowing, yes, let’s continue to assist one another in moving past whatever racial dislikes, frustrations, and angers people may have toward one another. It is still something we have to work through together here, but let’s do it from a place of understanding, helping people to see how we could thrive in a world where these disconnected feelings are not present.

And if you’re thinking, “Yeah well, try telling that to crazy white supremacists. They’ll never listen or change.” I ask: Are you going to let a small fraction of the people on this planet decide whether or not this entire planet can thrive? You’re going to give them THAT much power? I certainly won’t. I’m going to make it so they have to shift because no one is even paying attention. The beliefs and challenges they face within themselves will become so obvious to them that they will either evolve or simply be shut out of the world we are creating, and it will be their choice which path they go down — not anyone forcing anything on them.

We have an incredible amount of power within ourselves to do and become anything we choose individually and collectively. We simply have to remember to not give that power away so frequently.

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