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NASA has been accused of cutting their ISS live feed a number of times over the last few years as alleged UFO’s have flown into the view of the camera. Like clockwork each time, the feed goes down. Here’s the first time it happened, and here is the second.

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Now there are often claims that what we see floating around in space is nothing more than space junk. While there is obviously space junk floating around in space, space junk doesn’t tend to slow down, make sharp turns and speed up as an intelligently controlled craft would. Precisely why the videos above and the one we are going to explore below are obviously not space junk.

It’s also commonly brought up that NASA would have no reason to hide anything, this usually comes up as a result of people not quite understanding the depth of the UFO and ET coverup that has been going on for many decades. While this can be a complicated subject, many people have gone into very credible detail describing precisely how this works. In fact, a new film called Unacknowledged goes into this in extraordinary detail. I highly suggest checking it out as it’s important to be informed on this issue vs simply blindly dismissing it.

Millions of files have been disclosed to the public via declassification and FOIA that have brought forth more evidence than anyone could possibly need to approach this subject seriously. This is why I encourage people to watch the film Unacknowledged because it details the bevy of hard evidence from verified declassified documents and credible whistleblowers. Our governments, military and high profile personnel take this matter very seriously, but on a public level we are being manipulated into seeing it as a mockery. But that’s changing, and disclosure is becoming one of the most sought after subjects in the world.

Along with the blind denial, there is a mockery made of the subject. People have been trained to think about it as a joke by the media so as to keep the subject covered up and quiet, and there are many reasons for that. It is often said by experts in this field that the UFO cover up is one of the greatest criminal cover ups of all time. You can hear our extended Richard Dolan interview to learn more about this.

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any kind of traditional materialistic western point of view, that these visitors use the technologies of consciousness, they use toroids, they use co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems, that seems to be a common denominator of the UFO phenomenon.”

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– Dr Brian O’Leary, former NASA Astronaut, Princeton Physics professor 

Astronaut Appears To Be Covering Up UFO Near ISS

In the video below you will see a UFO come into frame. This is followed by the astronaut bringing his/her hand up and covering the area where the camera would be able to see.

Then, you see a number of objects fly by, but you will see a number of other flying objects. Then the astronaut pans the camera away from the area.

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