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There’s no question — we live in a digital age. And though this statement rings true, we can also say that we are living in the age of our collective evolution.

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We seem to be more inclined to search for truth and look deeper at matters within ourselves than ever before, while wishing to share each and every moment of life LIVE for others to review and rate. All in all, what I believe to be true is that we are dancing on a fine line of extremities where we are striving to balance both our digital and spiritual worlds.

With this said, while scrolling through my feed today I came across a video that really got me reflecting. Have we, as a society, become so dependent on our phones and technology that even infants must turn to the glowing screens to be soothed or numbed? 

Of course we must take into consideration that it is most often than not the parent’s (or the one caring for and influencing the child) actions that truly mold a child’s behaviour, as well as the programming and understanding of the adult that cradles the philosophy, mannerisms, etc. that the child will inevitably be taught or inherit. Not to say there are not those who would rather embrace their child’s cries and soothe them in a different manner, but it is important to note that there are two very clear and distinct ways of going about this. We can either pacify with external modes, or choose to connect deeply.

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Whether we are parents or not, I believe it is crucial, as habitants of this world, to really see the difference between these two examples. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way here, but this video offers a reflection point for us to consider and act upon shifting to a more connected species so that we may begin to heal and soothe our Selves naturally and effectively, as opposed applying to temporary bandages that stem from outer influence.

We have a beautiful opportunity to be living in an era awakened to things beyond physical matters, an era which could alter our state of being and create a global shift in humanity as we know it, and it is truly up to us to commence the shift through action.

As we begin to awaken to the beauty of connection, feeling, and truths, we may then decide how to go about caring for ourselves, and in turn each other. 

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