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As a person who was born in Canada and still lives here, guns are a very different thing to me than to many Americans. Here in Canada there isn’t a pride or strong culture around guns, they simply are what they are and they are used by hunters. People don’t quite have the same ‘I need it to defend and protect myself’ mentality as in the US. Which is OK, just a different experience. But it also shows a lot about our thoughts and our culture as humans.

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With the recent Las Vegas shooting incident, whose full story will become clear as the days progress I’m sure, we once again meet a stark reality: people want something to be done about gun violence.

And I agree, something does need to be done. But what needs to be done? I get the argument that we must take guns away, because people are killing people with guns. I also get the argument that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. So we’re left with an issue – how do we solve our problem here?

Now first off, this is a tragedy that I don’t think any of us wish to see continuing to happen. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by what took place. We truly hope that we can utilize events like this to truly make a change in our world.

Of course this leads to people demanding policy around guns be changed at a governmental level, which is fair, but will it solve the issue?

Jimmy Kimmel gave a moving monologue on his show last night. One where he raises a number of points about guns, gun laws and how we can solve the issue. But I still question whether we are truly looking at the core here.

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Perhaps we need congressional leaders, or leaders in general to focus on something that is more of a human issue. Looking at OURSELVES. Looking at how we can create environments or a focus on each one of us to become more connected and aligned within ourselves. I know! It sounds like it won’t do anything, like it’s too simple.. but it’s truly what it comes down to. We have to start promoting and normalizing the idea of truly addressing our societal issues and stop pretending it comes down to policy. More on this below.

An Important Reflection

I am continually led back to the somewhat passive approach we take to everything. We always blame something or someone and want someone else to solve our problems, after all this is the reality of being governed. We become powerless within ourselves and our thoughts. We also push everything onto the physical structure at play and ask that things are done at levels that won’t truly solve the GLARING issue we truly face. We don’t have an issue with guns per se, we have experiences playing out as a result of the state of our human consciousness.

When do we focus on reaching out, connecting, making inner work and inner exploration a solution to the challenges we face? When do we take that approach with criminals even? We place people in cells and expect them to be rehabilitated, taking no stance of love or choosing to understand WHY a person is the way they are and how we can truly reach out and help. Instead we fill our minds with judgments, thoughts and beliefs about people without ever truly wanting to help. This is partly where I believe our challenges lie.

What if we had normal community events, like we do sports, where it was about us doing this inner work? What if politicians focused less on trying to sway the public and more on being open and honest and doing this inner work themselves? Effectively creating a culture of making real change within ourselves. Imagine that world for a moment. Don’t pass it off as simple or impossible, imagine it. This is what we need. There is no amount of policy change that is going to stop the challenges we face.

We’re trying to solve issues without addressing the one thing that makes us who we are – our consciousness. Our thoughts, beliefs, illusions of who we are, why we do the things we do etc. We not only choose not to understand that within ourselves, but also within one another. So we run in circles trying to solve the same issues without ever truly hitting on something that can actually help.

I know this comes off like an uncomfortable truth, but we know it’s true because it asks us to do something different and asks us to take responsibility, all of us, for why things happen. Whether it be because we choose not to connect or whether it be because we are not doing anything to TRULY systemically address issues, we are all part of what’s playing out in some way.

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