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For most of us, our lives are inherently complicated enough.

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We work to provide for ourselves and loved ones, we maintain a social life with our friends and families, we handle hardship as it arises, and we do our best to nourish ourselves and sleep (somewhat) regularly along the way.

Despite this, we seem to love making things even more complicated than they already are. While we may not consciously intend to do so, our actions suggest otherwise, and that’s why I’ve put together this list of five nonsensical ways we love to further complicate our lives.

The purpose of this list is to bring these habits into your awareness, inspire you to change them, and ultimately, simplify your life as much as possible. Read the list or watch the video, the choice is yours!

1. We’re Afraid to Ask

How many times have you found yourself racking your brain to solve an issue for days, weeks, and months on end only to eventually find the solution in someone else’s advice? While turning to others may not always be the best available alternative, it’s amazing how many times a willingness to simply ask for help can expedite our journey.

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While there may be some fear involved in the advice-seeking process, it’s our ego that truly drives this hesitation, as it only wants to continue working alone in hopes of attaining the satisfaction of solving it singlehandedly.

Suck up that desire for credit and instead focus on being an active learner who not only uses but stores the advice received for further use down the road.

2. We Spend Outside Our Means

I know that completely avoiding debt is not feasible for most of us in life, but we always have some degree of control over how much we owe.

We further complicate our lives when we choose to accrue more debt in the name of purchases that serve no purpose beyond helping us fit in or be perceived in a particular way. Rather than mindlessly punching in that credit card number on another online purchase, take a moment to assess the bigger picture reason why you feel inclined to buy.

Is what you’re about to buy actually necessary? If not, don’t further extend that ridiculous timeframe your credit card statement outlines as the point at which you’ll be debt free through minimum monthly payments.

3. We’re Driven by Instant Gratification

We know what’s best for us long-term, yet we give in to the immediacy of the reward that comes from choosing otherwise. There is no area of our lives that this tends to be more apparent than in our diet.

Rather than basing our meal selections off of what we know will nourish our body best, we let our tastebuds decide, opting for the choices that come with the immediate serving of a craving being met.

The major downside to living a life led by immediate gratification is that it tends to complicate things long-term by creating situations and circumstances that would have been completely avoidable had we applied a bigger picture approach.

4. We Complain for Sympathy

Nobody likes a complainer, yet we all seem to love complaining.

Don’t believe this to be true of you? Think for a second of how many people you tell every unfortunate circumstance you go through to. Chances are it’s substantially higher than you’d think, and each of these people is tangible proof that you love complaining.

The main incentive to complaining is that it offers sympathy. While that may be nice in the moment (if it’s genuine, which it often isn’t), it’s certainly not worth the complications that tend to come from holding onto and reliving something that happened in the past.

5. You’re Reactive Rather Than Proactive

This one is undoubtedly the most self-explanatory.

The more proactive you are, the less likely you are to have to deal with challenging situations that complicate your life. The more reactive you are, the more likely you are to have complications, since you are openly inviting them.

Whether it be in regards to your health, finances, relationships, or any other major facet of your life, choose to be proactive in taking care of it rather than waiting for shit to hit the fan.

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