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Do you ever question how much time in a day you effectively waste? Chances are it’s a lot more than you think. Imagine the typical lifestyle: wake up, watch the news or scroll through the newsfeed, get up, get ready and go to work, (maybe doing something you enjoy, but likely it’s something that you don’t), work for 8 hours or more, come home, eat dinner and plop down on the couch for an evening of television or Netflix, fall asleep on the couch, wake up and go to bed.

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If we were to actually record how much time we were wasting, how many hours in a day do you think it would be? I bet it would be at least 6, imagine what you could get done in six hours a day if you weren’t wasting that time. You could learn a new language, learn an instrument, read educational books, connect with friends, go for a hike, plant a garden, create a Meetup group for like-minded individuals to plan on what you can do with all of this extra time that you have now that it is not being wasted, I mean really, the possibilities are endless!

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for a majority, and I think that we can all admit that we are wasting time. It’s easy to just ignore this feeling inside of us and escape into a T.V. show, or newsfeed, but deep down we all know that we are not satisfied with this life of merely surviving…. What if we were instead, thriving?

We are capable of so much more. We have many excuses: I don’t have time, I’m too stressed out, once I get a raise I will have more free time, I have to work so hard to support my family, etc. But these are just excuses that are made up in the mind that inhibit us from reaching our full potential.

Society Has Crafted Us To Be This Way

We are not the only ones to blame here. Yes we are in charge of our own lives and responsible for the outcome, but society is designed in a way to make us feel powerless, stressed, tired, and unfulfilled. Because we are always in survival mode, trying to ensure that we can put food on the table and afford the things that we want, we aren’t always able to do what truly makes us happy. But here’s the thing, sure, we have these perceived limitations, but that doesn’t mean we are bound by them. We are capable of creating anything that we desire, and it’s time we truly started to realize that.

What Would We Be Capable Of If We Reached Our Potential?

Imagine, instead of scrolling through the newsfeed, or flipping through Netflix and binge- watching useless programming that provides no real value, you dedicated that amount of time to a creative skill, or hobby or something that brought you joy? Even if you still have to work a job that isn’t necessarily something you enjoy, making time for yourself to fulfill that side of you can actually be the catalyst you need to find out what it is that truly sets your soul on fire, and will give you a glimpse of what you are capable of.

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When we waste time, we are wasting our potential. Imagine we were all using our potential to the fullest degree and living our passions, sharing our gifts with the world, exploring the Earth, connecting with others — just imagine the type of world we could be living in?

Society is the way it is because we allow it to be so, but do you want to know a little secret? It doesn’t have to be this way. It hasn’t always been this way, and we are capable of change. Society can stay the way it is but you can opt out of whatever doesn’t suit you. Create the life you want!

Super Inspirational Video

He’s got it figured out… I hope this video inspired you as much as it inspired me.

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