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We’re seeing a lot of overweight animals on farms these days, as farmers will often pump animals full of growth hormones and specific antibiotics to make them plumper and meatier. Producing larger animals means big bucks for farmers, as it makes for greater yields of meat, fur, skin, or whatever else it is they’re selling.

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However, overweight animals suffer gravely because they often gain so much weight that they can no longer support their own bodies. Their bones break and they can barely see through the fat that wells up around their face and eyes.

Not only is this cruel for the animals, but it’s terrible for human health as well. If you’re consuming any meat or dairy from a conventional farm, odds are that you’re also intaking a nice dose of pharmaceuticals, too. That’s right, all of the drugs force fed to these animals can inadvertently end up in your system as well.

Much like any other pharmaceutical, these drugs can pose adverse side effects, one of which includes antibiotic resistance. In fact, the more you eat meat, the greater your risk  of being exposed to antibiotic resistant bacteria and the gene mutation that causes it. Although there are many natural alternatives to antibiotics, this is still a very serious issue.

Even mainstream media has addressed this problem, as The Independent reported: “So the only way that we can tackle antibiotic resistance now, and prevent the terrifying prospect of entering a post-antibiotic world, is to think differently about what how we eat.”

Despite the health risks this practice poses, farms continue to pump these animals full of drugs to promote growth, and they continue to suffer as a result.

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There are lots of other ways to create larger animals too, such as using steroids, overfeeding them, and genetic modification/alteration/selection. Regardless of the method, if an animal is severely overweight, it’s likely in pain, unhealthy, and unhappy.

Photos of GIANT Pigs in Cambodia Go Viral

The correlation between overweight animals and animal cruelty has been a popular subject recently, as disturbing images of massive pigs have gone viral. These pigs live on a farm in Cambodia, and once you see the photos, you’ll understand why they went viral.

Not only have animal rights organizations been speaking up for these pigs, but other internet users have raised concerns over the potential health risks associated with eating them as well. After all, if an animal is extremely unhealthy, would you really want to eat it?

These pigs are enormous, and you can see them locked up in tiny cages where they clearly cannot move.

A video was also taken at the pig farm, making it clear that these pigs struggle to walk because they can barely support their own weight, which you can watch here.

Final Thoughts

I completely understand how difficult looking at these images can be, but it’s important that we raise awareness surrounding animal cruelty! Sometimes people fail to associate meat or leather with the actual animals that were required to die in order to make these products. When we’re not killing the animals ourselves, it can be sort of “out of sight, out of mind.”

When you really think about it, these photos aren’t a “bad” thing. They’re helping to raise awareness surrounding the conditions in which most farm animals are forced to live, and the more people who feel compassion for these animals, the better! Likewise, the more photos, the better, because without pressure from the public, farmers are more likely to continue these cruel practices.

I encourage you to remember the real value of a dollar. When you pay for products that support the meat and dairy industry, you’re directly supporting this type of animal cruelty. If you don’t want to support the exploitation of animals, then either make a conscious effort to consume less of these products, or don’t consume them at all.

Every purchase you make has a ripple effect; each and every time you spend money, you’re affecting someone or something, whether that be the environment, an animal, the seller, or whatever else.

In reality, if it weren’t for the high demand for meat and dairy, none of this animal cruelty would be happening in the first place. Sure, you may not have killed that animal with your bare hands, but you’re still responsible for its death because you vote with your dollar.

Much love!

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