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When you were younger, did you have a “milk man?” Although I’m a little too young to have experienced this, my parents and grandparents used to have their milk delivered to their houses in glass bottles. It really was the original “farm to fork” model, only it went straight from the farm to their front doors.

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Well, if you live in the UK and feel like inviting a bit of nostalgia into your life with a healthier twist, a new plant-based mylk delivery service has just launched. Called Mylk Man, this London-based company truly is a modern-day version of the classic milk man, as they’ll deliver nut mylks right to your front door first thing in the morning.

Get Nut Mylks Delivered to Your Door Using Mylk Man

Mylk Man offers a wide range of different vegan mylks, ranging from classics like almond and cashew to more diverse flavours such as sweet chai, turmeric, and pistachio. Just like the classic, old school milk man, you can simply leave your empty glass bottles outside your door step for the mylk men to refill.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: How much would these babies cost? Often times, more nut dense and natural mylks such as these are far more costly than the conventional, boxed nut mylks you’d purchase at the supermarket. However, Mylk Man is super affordable, not to mention there’s a 12% minimum volume of nuts in each and every bottle, which is far more than conventional brands.

The cost of each 500ml bottle ranges from £1.60 (the cost for the coconut mylk) to £2.80, as the fancier and more flavourful blends are a little more expensive. Nevertheless, in Canada, fresh almond mylk often costs $15 for 500ml, so this is a pretty good price in comparison to other brands!

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The company takes pride in using only glass bottles, and use  zero plastic as well.

“Sustainability is fundamental to what we do,” explained Mylk Man entrepreneur Jamie Chapman. “As well as being plastic-free and using glass bottles, we give 10 per cent of our profits to Greenpeace. And we’re stocked in massive tanks at the Bulk Market zero waste shop, in Dalston.”

As for why Mylk Man was launched? Well, Chapman and his business partner simply took advantage of the increase in demand for plant-based products. As veganism becomes more popular, it’s clear that this is a booming market.

“We saw that the vegan movement was growing and growing,” Chapman noted. “More people are ditching dairy, for environmental and animal cruelty reasons.”

Of course, if you’d prefer to purchase their products in-shop or their delivery dates (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) don’t work with your schedule, you can drop by Broadway Vegan Market every Saturday.

The next step for these Mylk Men will be to expand throughout the UK, and perhaps eventually into Amsterdam.

Final Thoughts 

Delivery services have been increasingly popular of late. More and more people are getting their groceries delivered, and so services like these have the potential to really do well! It’s already difficult enough to get a high-quality nut mylk at a grocery store, so to have the option to get them hand delivered would be awesome.

All I can say is: Please come to Canada, Mylk Men!

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