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A Canadian company, Leckie Studio Architecture + Design, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has created a design for an incredible off-grid home that can be assembled, pretty much anywhere by a team of four in less than a week. If you have dreamt of owning a tiny home of your own, this may just be what you need to make your dream a reality.

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Created by Backcountry Hut Company, this model is known as the ‘Surf Shack‘ and the prefab models start at $45,000 and range between 191 square feet to 937 square feet. The largest model can house up to 24 people — not so tiny!

The materials for these cottages can be dropped wherever you’d like via helicopter and can be easily set up, similar to how Ikea furniture is built.

Customers can design the interior of the cabins themselves and pick from a wide array of options. The company also has an in-house team of architects that are available to assist with permits, documentation and customization.

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Co –Founder of the company, Edgar Wilson says, “In a lot of cases, our customers want to build on their remote dream property as a way to escape the 9 to 5. Some of those locations can’t accommodate an intrusive, traditional building process. Our customers seem to come from diverse backgrounds, but they all share an eye for design, and a creative desire to play some part in the building experience. The first BHC customers have ranged from semi-retired professors, to younger tech workers. These are not 2X4 stick-framed, tiny prefabricated structures with vinyl windows. Our customer is looking for a recreational dwelling that is well-designed, with minimal environmental impact.”

The “Surf Shack” is available now in Canada and the United States with further availability planned for the future.

Making Home Ownership A Reality

This is an excellent option for those wanting to be somewhat secluded from society, as this dwelling can de dropped and assembled virtually anywhere. Aside from that, however, it provides a much more affordable option for housing compared to what’s available in the super-inflated market. It’s nice to see that there are some more options available to us, and home ownership doesn’t always have to mean having a big house with a white picket fence. This home fits nicely into the tiny house movement, where millennials and other generations alike are realizing that bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially when people are becoming more mindful about where they are spending their dollars, and opting for a more minimalist kind of lifestyle, a smaller home only makes sense.

Would You Opt For This Type Of Living?

There are so many options available to us, this just being one of them. This is a more luxurious option because of the convenience of the assembly, but there are many blueprints and designs that you can use to build your own tiny home. Could you see yourself living in this or another style of tiny home? Share with us!

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