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The picture above is of Chloe Brookes-Holder, who was a happy and healthy pre-teen. She danced almost daily, hoping to make it her career one day; she hiked and led an active lifestyle. That all changed after her second dose of an HPV vaccine. After taking the vaccine she started to notice unusual symptoms, which later transformed into never-ending cycle of debilitating chronic health issues, like many others before and after her.  You can view her current medical conditions, and her story here.

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Below is another story that comes from Ireland.

”Why did the HSE not give out that leaflet? If they had given out that patient information leaflet I would never have gotten the second injection, because it states on it that if you get sick after the first one, don’t get the second one.” —Fiona, HPV infected teen, 16, Ireland

If you have a young daughter (or son for that matter) who is soon to have the HPV vaccine, I highly recommend you watch this video (below), made by the Irish organization ‘Regret,’ which was named after a group of parents who deeply ‘regret’ their choice to let their daughters have this vaccine without doing their own independent research first. They regret that they relied on trusting the leaflets given to them by their schools and Doctors, and they now realize they missed out on so much vital and concerning information. They are now trying to make others aware of the risks they are taking by allowing their children to have this vaccine.  They want you to have genuine informed consent.

People Who Vaccinated Then Suffered Should Not Be Called Anti-Vaccine

Please note — and this is very important here — that these families featured in this short video were not ‘anti vaccine.’ The medical industry and media like to label people who are speaking out about injuries from vaccines as ‘anti vaccine,’ and they also like to make these people sound just as bad as ‘terrorists,’ but they fail to mention that these families DID vaccinate in the first place.

Think for a moment — if you had vaccinated your child, and something bad happened that you can only connect to the recent vaccine, wouldn’t you want to talk about it? To ask how this could have happened? To question your doctor why your child seems to be suffering so much after having a recent vaccine they gave your child, and to find out why? Why then, should you be blamed and criticized for asking valid questions about something you actually followed the doctor’s orders to do in the first place?

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Are you meant to keep your mouth shut? Yes — say the media and medical industry. While there are many mainstream articles coming out with horror stories about what the vaccine has done to teens, we still have so much denial from the medical industry itself. And our governments aren’t doing a thing either.

This chart is for HPV vaccine reported injuries in the USA

The UK Government organization, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), knew years ago that thousands of girls in the UK had reported severe side effects after their HPV vaccine (Cervarix) was given. The prime minister at the time, David Cameron, also knew (a petition by thousands of people asking to have the vaccine looked at was presented to him), but did nothing to remove the vaccine from the schedule. Since this time no one is doing anything to ensure the vaccine is safe, yet it’s still being given to teens day after day.

The average doctor still thinks that Gardasil and Cervarix are safe for all and should be given to all teens. It’s very concerning to know that the average doctor has simply not read the insert for the vaccine in question. Nor do they realize that in the studies, true placebos  (syringes containing saline) were not used. For both Gardasil and Gardasil 9, their placebos were syringes full of aluminium. Why would they do this you might ask? This is to show that the vaccine is ‘safer’ because the placebo caused many more reactions. Yes, this is criminal, but no one is being held accountable.

However, as many parents are sharing, once your child is hurt, you will not keep this quiet for anyone. Too many families are having the most important people in their lives damaged by this vaccine, receiving no financial help, being ridiculed by doctors, and have no option but to share their story with the public. These families are not going away quietly, nor should they.

The Information You Receive Is Not The Whole Truth

You need to be aware that when you are given information about the HPV vaccine at your doctor’s office or from your child’s school, it is more like a PR leaflet instead of providing you with the patient leaflet found in the actual vaccine packaging, which contains information of the side effects that the manufacturers discovered in their studies. School parents also say that they didn’t have much time to really think this through, before the vaccine was given.  They were given the leaflet, then the vaccines were administered after they were given the information. It begs the question: is this lack of time before vaccination on purpose, so that the parents can’t do proper research?

Before You Vaccinate Read The Inserts Where The Truth Lies

The Gardasil vaccine insert is an enormous piece of paper. There is a very long list showing the side effects. This is very telling of what many are concerned about — that this vaccine is dangerous for many teens; the science simply proves this.

The actual vaccine insert ALWAYS paint a very different picture than the glossy brochures that you receive from your schools, or from the doctor’s office.

Have you ever been shown a vaccine insert voluntarily by a medical professional? Many parents have asked to be shown one and are generally always turned down and told no and given the leaflet that only shares info on the very ‘minor’ side effects.

Parents you must demand to be given all of the facts.

I urge you to watch this video below.

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Please visit the REGRET website to find out more about the organization and to discover more information about this vaccine.

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See tests showing that Vaccine ingredients  and their amounts are different from what is listed on the box.

Dr .Suzanne Humphries speaking about the side effects noted in the study of Gardasil.

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