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The EOS machine is a new X-ray system that is able to scan a person across two planes at 90 degrees to one another. The result is a much more detailed 3D image, one that will help medical professionals treat patients more quickly and more safely.

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The machine reduces scan times and radiation exposure by 85%.

During a normal X-ray, doctors often struggle to align the X-ray beams directly centered; the farther they are from the center, the more distorted the X-ray picture turns out.

Using both planes, the EOS system aligns a perfect scan every time, constructing a 3D image afterward.

The system acts as a quantum leap for patients who regularly receive CT scans or X-rays.

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The Danger of Radiation

In his article “Will You Be one of the 15,000 That Are Killed By CT Scans Next Year?,”  Dr. Mercola stresses that X-rays and other classes of ionizing radiation, like CT scans, are a known cause of virtually all types of mutations, including structural chromosomal mutations:

Further, cells cannot correctly repair every type of complex genetic damage induced by ionizing radiation, and sometimes cells cannot repair such damage at all.

Unlike some other mutagens, ionizing radiation has access to the genetic molecules of every internal organ, if the organ is within the x-ray beam. Within such organs, even a single high-speed high-energy electron, set into motion by an x-ray photon, has a chance of inducing the types of damage that defy repair. That is why there is no risk-free dose-level when it comes to ionizing radiation.

Mammograms are under scrutiny for their counter-productive side effects in breast cancer screenings.

In the last few years even the oft-recommended mammogram has come under scrutiny for its counter-productive side effects. Many now recommend thermography as a safer alternative. You can read about that here.

All things considered, scanning systems such as EOS are a crucial step forward in creating safer and more efficient medical assessment practices.

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