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What do you really know about vaccines? Is it as much as you think? Do you know how they are made, or what’s in them? Do you know how these ingredients affect the immune system? Do you know their risks and potential side effects, or how often vaccine injuries occur?

If you are relying on your paediatrician to know all of these answers and keep up with the latest research, you may in fact be risking your family’s health.

Do you know how much training doctors actually receive about vaccines? And do you know exactly what they do and don’t learn about them? You might not know that they get told vaccine injury occurs “one in a million,” and when a patient or parent presents with a concern that think they are vaccine injured, the Doctor has been trained to say ‘no it’s not connected’.

With huge profits (vaccines make an estimated 30 billion dollar profit each year) associated with their promotion, vaccine ‘health benefits’ tend to be highly exaggerated, and their risks downplayed, denied, or outright ignored.  Parent’s get shown glossy promotional leaflets with the mild side effects listed on them and aren’t being shown the vaccine inserts which is where the serious information is found.

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Running from November 28 to December 7 is Vaccines Revealed, a nine-part documentary series featuring some of the world’s most renowned experts when it comes to the ‘other’ side of vaccination — the side that most doctors, scientists, and parents often know little about.

The series has been produced with award-winning documentary maker Jeff Hays (the man behind Bought The Movie) and Dr. Beau Pierce, CEO of Circle Of Docs, and health activist Dr. Patrick Gentempo.

Mandatory Vaccination: The Violation of Human Rights

Did you know that mandatory vaccination is on the horizon for many states and countries, and is already in full effect in some? Certain jobs now require staff to get vaccines or else they will be fired. California now requires children to be fully vaccinated according to the CDC’s schedule, and in Australia you cannot get certain welfare payments unless your child is fully vaccinated. Nor can you put your child into day care unless they are vaccinated according to the Australian schedule.  You now may not abstain for religious or philosophical reasons any longer, and medical exemptions signed by doctors are being scrutinised.

There is nothing in place to protect children from possible injuries, nor is it easy to get financial help or compensation if they do become injured. Some families find themselves in financial ruin, and many simply cannot afford to pay for appropriate treatment.

Simply put, all of this violates our human and parental rights. Where there is risk, there must be choice.

Many people, including our doctors, tend to forget that vaccines are drugs, and all drugs have side effects — including death — which is why vaccine inserts are so lengthy. Vaccines can and do cause harm to some of us.  That is inevitable. The manufacturers know this because when they carry out studies, as they report the side effects reported by  the patients.


The Vaccine Debate: Why Is It Silenced, Ridiculed, and Shut Down?

Why are we allowed to debate the side effects of ‘regular’ drugs — of which there is zero denial they can cause harm — but when it comes to vaccines, we are shut down by those around us? Shouldn’t we be able to ask questions and not be abused for it? Or not get kicked out of our doctor’s office because we are questioning the status quo? With a medical procedure that carries frightening risks, shouldn’t we have to be fully informed about how they work in the body and the possible detrimental effects they can pose to our health?

Corruption, Control, and Lies

Vaccines Revealed shares with us how Big Pharma has controlled and manipulated the media for decades to keep this important truth hidden. They’ve silenced and ridiculed whistleblowers, and repressed brave scientists who questioned the so-called safety of vaccines. For the doctors who do speak out, they have taken away their licences, destroyed their reputations, and even put some of them in jail.

Big Pharma has bribed many politicians and government health officials and organizations. The public tends not to know about the revolving doors between the FDA, CDC, other health agencies and drug companies.

With corruption infiltrating most of our powerful industries today, we have had enough. The issue of vaccination affects each and every one of us and is impacting our most precious and our most vulnerable: our children.

This has to stop.

It’s Time to Become Fully Informed and to Expose the Truth

Click this link to watch Vaccines Revealed.

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