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Many men today struggle with their erections — both with achieving them and maintaining them for long periods of time. For women, their struggle is often focused on body image — feeling sexy in their own skin so that they are confident in the bedroom.

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Both generally feel insecure when there is a problem in one of these areas. And that kind of insecurity often leads to a non-existent sex life… or maybe we save a little money on electricity by keeping the lights off. So, aside from confidence issues, what’s really going on with our propensity toward skipping the sex?

Some Interesting Facts First

Average couples have sex two to three times per week, lasting seven minutes each time. Half of men orgasm within two minutes, leaving his lioness “literally” high and dry, as the average woman peaks at the five to seven minute mark.

Compare that to other animals in the wild, and our drive pales in comparison: “A female lion may mate 100 times per day over a period of about a week, and with multiple partners, each time she ovulates.”

Come back as a lion? Check!

So, Isn’t There A Pill I Can Take to Increase My Sex Drive?

Today we’re conditioned to take a pill for every ill. We’re broken, take this to fix that. The problem with this approach is that our body doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We have 11 systems of the body that, like a soccer team, work collectively. If one system is broken, they’re all affected.

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Put bluntly, taking a purple pill to fuel an erection is not the solution to low sex drive. It may be the “penis putty” to the problem, but rather than reaching for the magic solution, shouldn’t we be asking, “Why am I not able to produce one on my own?”

And for women, Supermoms often ask, “Where’d my sex drive go? Can I buy another on Amazon?”

Thus, the million dollar question becomes:

What’s the Best Way to Get My Mojo Back?

Beyond pill popping, it’s critical to view the symptoms we experience from another angle. We need to start thinking about what to remove that is causing the problem rather than what to add to the problem to cover it up.

Sugar Is Perhaps the VIP Sex Drive Suppressant!

…and brings on Type 2 diabetes, or insulin resistance, which means sugar can’t get into the cells to be used for energy (tired much?). So where does it go? Straight to the fat cells. Fat cells release estrogen, and excess estrogen is a sex drive killer via the adrenals. For men, it can result in excess fat and low testosterone. For women, it contributes to hair loss, acne, mood swings, and painful periods. Women are generally only “ravenous” from about day 5 to 14 of their cycle anyway, so during this week especially, don’t ruin a good nine days of desire with a sugar binge.

Phytoestrogens Suck the Sex Drive Out of You Too

These are estrogen mimicking, endocrine disrupting chemicals that are found in the majority of products sold in average grocery store chains today: parabens in personal care products, BPA in plastic containers, hormones used to beef up non-organic meats, chemicals in non-organic coffee, unfiltered water (bottled Nestle water isn’t doing you any favours — this is the cost effective system I recommend to our patients), household cleaning agents, birth control pills, soy everything, and conventional most things, with their high levels of pesticides and chemicals.

The formulas in the video above further elaborate how the plethora of other stressors we’re surrounded by affect our drive.

So What Now?

It is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid our chronic exposure to toxicity across the board, but what we CAN do is REDUCE our exposure to them and support the body’s ability to flush them more effectively. Behold, the top five things to ADD and the top fiveto REDUCE. These are the heaviest hitting solutions to spin your sex drive into that of a lecherous lioness. Acronym’ed: F.Y.E.S.S!


  1. Fiber – 25-40g per day is ideal. Quality Organic Protein – 25-35% of your daily caloric intake is a good range! Green vegetables – these feed the “good bacteria” in the colon, improving hormone balance.
  2. Yoga and stress reduction. Calming the brain allows the adrenals to rest, resulting in hormone happiness! Reduce stress on all levels: emotional, chemical, physical.
  3. Enemas! Oh and exercise, which is an endorphin, testosterone, and serotonin booster, stimulating sex drive!
  4. Add zinc, magnesium, adaptogens, fish oil, spore-based probiotics and Vitamin D. Get some sun, randy one!
  5. Sleep! Testosterone is made while we sleep. The average male will deplete approximately 15% of testosterone in one week of sleeping five hours or less!


  1. Caffeine – increases cortisol, which depletes testosterone and blunts insulin.
  2. Estrogen-mimicking chemicals – BPA, parabens, soy, non-filtered water.
  3. SUGAR – have less than 50g per day.
  4. Alcohol – taxes adrenals, clogs liver, slows blood flow.
  5. Drugs – Aside from birth control, antacids, pain killers, and antidepressants are far from party in our pants instigators. Of course consult with your doctor, but with nearly half of Americans on mood altering medications, it’s no surprise sex drive is numbed, too.

For the majority of our patients, when they make these changes, one of the first things to return is their energy and better sleep. Along with that, comes… yeah, that!

So You See, You’re Not Broken — Our System Is!

With 85,000+ chemicals today approved for use in our environment and food supply, of which only 250 or so have been approved for safety, our bodies are chemically confused, and so are our reproductive organs and sexual instincts.

I don’t know about you, but “reducing odds of disease” or “living longer” just don’t have as much appeal as “better sex life.” So, perhaps Americans will be more motivated to live a healthier lifestyle in the name of orgasms. Wouldn’t YOU?

Be sure to check out my website and Youbtube channel for all things health/fitness!

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