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Are you a sentient being?

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The answer is more than likely yes, YOU ARE!

Though an easy question to answer after having looked into the concept, the reasoning and explanation are much more detailed and go far beyond this article to truly grasp and live out. The reason for this is that some of us have either not begun to look deeper into who we really are or what we are here to do, or simply have yet to find the answers. And this is okay, as this is the truth of our story. Many of us are unaware at times of our true essence, or perhaps simply forget just how magical we truly are  — and for that very reason, we dive deeper into the reality of our consciousness, journey, and being here today.

What Is a Sentient Being

By definition, sentient means one who is aware, or finely sensitive in perception or feeling. In Buddhism, however, the concept of a sentient being is one who has consciousness but characteristically is not yet enlightened. When a Buddhist practitioner takes the Boddhisattva vow, they are demonstrating their will to hold true to their practice and taking an oath to liberate all sentient beings from being confined to death, rebirth, and any other suffering characteristics.

So how do we realize and release our sufferings to essentially move forward in life and beyond? We go within. We make changes in ourselves, but also do the internal work that creates a ripple effect outward into our world through our closest friends, family, community, and so forth.

We are consistently being challenged as humans to grow and expand beyond our perceived potentiality and comfort. Whether as individuals or as a collective, we are in constant motion, going through the emotions, experiences, and energy exchanges that will inevitably bring us to the brink of awakening. This is what life is all about and why we agreed to come and play out our roles here on this Earth. It is difficult to wrap our minds around at times, sure, but it is nevertheless, and far more importantly, beautiful, magical and worth all of the lessons we inherently must face through the process.

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Which brings us to the very film that claims it will change the way you view yourself, the world, and all of its inhabitants forever. Though rare, it is becoming more prominent in the film and entertainment industry to cover aspects of our human journey such as this, and it is through this very fact that it is important to share such films as they come.


John Owens, an Executive Director and the Director of Photography of the full feature documentary SENTIENT, states in the film’s trailer:

We are currently in the midsts of an ecological crisis on a scale of which we have never seen. One in which the choices we make over the next years will determine the fate of not only our species, but have the power to dramatically effect all life on Earth.

One of the biggest factors underlining this crisis is the way that we view each other, and our place in the world. A main feature of our common worldview is that we are separate from each other, and from the larger systems that sustain life on this planet as a whole.

SENTIENT . . . explores this phenomenon of separation, identifying it’s roots in culture, religion and human evolution, and offers a new perspective on what each of us can do to solve our world’s most pressing ecological and socio-economic problems; through reconnection with something bigger than our individual selves, and through painless adjustments in our acts of daily living.

SENTIENT looks at our human social myths of Economy, Capitalism, and Society, and shows that just as we have created these myths, we can un-create them, challenging us to see a different narrative for the future.

The film’s collective is a creative organization dedicated to helping humanity break away from our current consumption- and unsustainable, growth-based economic model, into a narrative that is inclusive of all cultures and sentient life, in which everyone can contribute. Through design, film, and innovation training, they strive to positively change human perspective, society, and ultimately, how we treat our only home, Earth.

Over the past year they have been working hard on producing their full-length feature documentary. They hope this film will change the way we look at each other, ourselves, and all of those with whom we inhabit this planet. But also, that SENTIENT will awaken us to the power we have within ourselves to transform our current planetary crises.

What makes Sentient unique is that it follows everyday modern individuals who are making a tremendous positive impact on pressing ecological, social, and economic issues in ways you didn’t think possible – painless lifestyle changes with high return on investment. The documentary shows that local solutions to global problems are not only possible, but preferable and painless. It also proves that each of us can have an impact with what is available to us right here and right now, and that we needn’t denounce all the comforts of modern living to create change.

SENTIENT offers its viewers a different kind of experience as it delivers step by step blueprints on ending planetary destruction: From painlessly living a modern and comfortable zero waste lifestyle, to eating completely organically on a budget, window farming, urban beekeeping, and much more. By offering practical, fun solutions, and actionable insights within everyone’s means, SENTIENT offers effective alternatives that empower us to be the change we want to see.

SENTIENT will not only present immediately implementable solutions, but will also mathematically break down the impact of these solutions. It will prove that reducing your ecological footprint is financially beneficial, and more.

How You Can Help

The Sentient team is presently aiming to raise the funds to complete their film, and are hoping individuals who are looking for something like this to manifest can help the cause and spread the word!

Their Indiegogo Campaign can be found throughout this article as well as here. Please be sure to check it out, watch the trailer, and share with family, friends, and your network if you feel inclined.

Thank you so much for tuning in — we are sending massive waves of pure vibrations your way!

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