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Sexual assault allegations have plagued Hollywood for decades, but within the past couple of years we’ve discovered it’s not just powerful people in Hollywood, but powerful people in general who are taking advantage of their status to exploit those around them. It has become clear that many politicians and others within the military industrial complex have ties to human and child trafficking and other disturbing crimes.

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In fact, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) recently announced investigations into 28 Hollywood moguls for multiple sex crimes. You can read more about that here.

More attention has been focused on Hollywood as of late because of the accusations against Harvey Weinstein, a prominent film executive who stands accused of sexually harassing and raping multiple women. Coinciding with these revelations are the disclosures from Corey Feldman, one of the the most popular childhood entertainers in history, who has been exposing pedophilia within Hollywood. He’s already outed a few names and has been raising money in order to create a film about the issue.

When Corey Made this announcement, he experienced some traumatic events, as his wife in the video explains below. Corey has expressed before in public that many of these powerful people want him dead.

Here is a link to his current campaign if you’d like to support them.

As his wife Courtney explains, there is a culture of fear that keeps victims silent. Threatened with death, people are too afraid to speak out, and that’s even more evident from the recent Weinstein scandals, where it was revealed that he had access to former Mossad agents, which he used to keep an eye on his victims.

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This topic goes deeper than sexual assault and pedophilia, however. Satanic rituals, human sacrifice, murder, and more are happening on an international level.

What’s the solution? Well, there are many steps, and one of them is a show of courage like  Corey and his wife have demonstrated. The strength is in numbers, and the more people who speak up, the fewer places and opportunities perpetrators have to hide.

Based on the research and information Collective Evolution has received, we believe that as much as two thirds of the global elite may be involved in pedophilia rings. This article was just meant to present the thoughts and feelings of Courtney Feldman, but for a more in-depth look into problems such as these, you can refer to the articles listed below, as we’ve covered the issue several times before.

The perplexing thing about allegations like these is that the mainstream gives them little attention or credibility. This has become so obvious now that there is no choice but to address it. That being said, those powerful people with big connections in Hollywood also have connections to government and media moguls, which is why transparency and information disclosure are so difficult to achieve.

With all of this being said, remorse to the victimizers needs to be shown somehow. We often have great sympathy for the victims, as obviously we should. But we seem to instantly judge and lock up those who are accused of various crimes. Is this really re-habilitation? Is this really a proper solution? There are factors that have played out in the lives of “criminals” which led to their behaviour. There is trauma, pain and hurt. Judgement and punishment do not really provide any help to these individuals, but that’s a discussion for another article.

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The above list represents a few out of our many articles that go into this topic. If you’d like to find more, feel free to browse through our site and use the search bar on the top right corner of the screen.








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