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It seems people are finally starting to realize that our current model of education has past its expiration date. A flawed system to begin with, it excelled at training children to be good workers, not teaching them how to thrive. This is what the entire educational model was built upon, and this is the model that we have been left with.

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Unfortunately, this system leaves little to no room for creative expression, and can often be very damaging for children’s self-esteem. Everyone has their own unique talents and abilities, so how is is fair to grade kids according to one model of intelligence?

Personally, I can say that the most useful thing I learned in high school was how to cook and bake, thanks to a foods and nutrition course I took. The skills I learned in that course I use daily. Yet this was an optional course, even though it taught real life skills all children need. There is so much emphasis on maths and sciences, but realistically, unless we are going to become a mathematician or a scientist, when will we need this level of knowledge on these subjects?

The following video outlines the six problems of the modern schooling system. Check it out!

So, What Can We Do?

So, what is the next step to solving this problem? Inadequate funding often lies at the root of the issue, but interestingly enough, many parents find that homeschooling their children — an educational philosophy that advocates learner-chosen activities — leaves more time creative activities while still covering the essentials.

While all children should have a basic understanding of language, math, biology etc., past this point, wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on their talents and interests? If you had teachers for each skill or creative ability, then no kid would really be left behind, as they would have the space to do what they truly love. Imagine if every kid who was ever considered a slow learner, or told they were stupid, had their talents embraced instead of ignored — imagine how much potential would be unlocked.

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Spreading awareness, posing questions, speaking to your city council and other parents — these are all practical steps you can take toward creating real change. Don’t forget, just because things have “always been this way,” doesn’t mean they can’t change. Change is always possible.

The workforce is transforming rapidly and business practices are being completely remodelled. If the current education model doesn’t change with it, how will c hildren ever be ready to enter the modern workforce? With more emphasis on online work, entrepreneurship, and heart-based business practices, isn’t it time to shift gears with the education system as well?

What are your thoughts on this matter? What is one thing you would change about the current schooling system? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section on Facebook.

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