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We are having a Full Moon in Gemini that will be exact on Sunday, December 3 at 3:47 p.m. Universal Time. It is a ‘supermoon’ which will appear fullest on the night of December 2 in the Americas and on the night of December 3 everywhere else. This marks the peak of the lunar cycle, which started on November 18 with a New Moon in Scorpio.

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Full Moons are a time when we experience two opposing signs either at odds with each other or working collaboratively, in this case the Sun being in Sagittarius with the Moon in Gemini. We have been in Sagittarius season since November 21-22, and it’s a time in which we may feel more optimistic and expansive after coming out of the depths and complexity of the raw and real Scorpio season.

Sagittarius is the sign of beliefs, opinions, and big picture perspectives, as well as travel and higher education. It can be fearless and freedom loving, as well as overextending and overly idealistic. Gemini is an intellectual and clever sign associated with duality and communication, notable for considering views and information that is factual or in the immediate sphere.

While Sagittarius is the world at large, Gemini is the neighbourhood. Both signs are also associated with learning and knowledge, but Gemini comes from a place of curiosity, while Sagittarius wants to satisfy its thirst for an all-encompassing truth. During this Full Moon you may be experiencing these opposing energies manifesting within you, with your relationships, or around you.

Full Moon Square Neptune In a Trine with Jupiter

At the time of this Full Moon, Jupiter in Scorpio is in a trine with Neptune in Pisces, which has been building up in the days leading up and will still be influencing the days following. This energy is great for any spiritual, creative, or idealistic pursuits/experiences, or anything involving putting time, energy, or resources toward helping others in need. This can also manifest as developing deep spiritual connections or a feeling of oneness with others.

However, this Full Moon is in a challenging aspect with these two planets, as it is in a square with Neptune and quincunx to Jupiter. Neptune’s influence can bring confusion between ourselves and others, or between our outer and inner needs, in relation to the Gemini-Sagittarius opposition as mentioned above. This could also manifest as avoidance, escapism, or intoxicating behaviour.

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This can also make some people feel less vital, and contribute to forgetfulness, flakiness, and poor attention to detail. Considering other factors, there can be delays, changes of plans, and miscommunication issues. Jupiter in Scorpio wants us to grow and learn by going deep and exploring what is beneath the surface which can be at odds with the broadminded Gemini energy.

Mercury Goes Retrograde Before Full Moon

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, starts its retrograde in opposing Sagittarius just over eight hours before the exact moment of the Full Moon. Combined with Jupiter’s influence, this could potentially indicate a time of going over and making adjustments to our our beliefs, opinions, or worldly and educational interests. For some people, it could be related to anything involving publishing or marketing.

Mercury is in a conjunction with Saturn, which started in the week leading up to this period and will be strong throughout the following three days. However, it will still have an influence for more than a month, throughout the retrograde and in the weeks afterwards, until it joins Saturn again in Capricorn.

Mercury’s retrograde into Sagittarius over the following three weeks can help us to examine our long-term goals, aspirations, and passions, while its return to Saturn in Capricorn in January can be helpful for making them a reality. For some people, the Mercury-Saturn connection can bring a theme of needing to get real about something, or a need or urge to apply oneself with better mental focus. This can also emphasize the delays that regularly occur during Mercury retrograde, and can also bring some restrictiveness around communications.

Things to Consider During This Period

As this can be a time of potential confusion, we need to ask ourselves what it is that we truly want on a soul level. What challenges and adjustments do we need to adapt to in order to fulfill this? What is it about our understandings of the world that needs to be revisited? What is it that you really want to learn at this time?

These are just some examples of what could be coming up, but not limited to them either. This energy can manifest in other ways as well, and ultimately, it also depends on how it is interacting with your natal chart.

If you decide to use this energy to intentionally release something from your life, it is best to start that when the Moon starts to wane after the peak of the Full Moon, or even over the following two weeks. The exact moment of the peak will be at 3:47 p.m. Universal Time on December 3. You can click here to see what that is for your time zone.

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