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The perfect work day is one of those days some of us have come close to experiencing but have probably missed. I came close once or twice but never planned for it.

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I found out that I can have a perfect day every day and will share some of the steps I have taken to create that day.

1. I Got Rid of Clutter

The first thing I learned was how important it was to organize my desk. My desk is normally messy, and I am the only one who can find things on it.

I have a proven system that I use. I always said that because I was being defensive, organizing a desk is not something I wanted to do.

Not too long ago, an article was brought to my attention that highlighted how clutter affects the brain. It seems to absorb too much energy because the brain tries to keep track of the mess around you while you work.

This stresses the mind and makes it harder for you to concentrate, which is why I decided to keep an organized desk.

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2. I Took Effective Breaks

One major mistake people make is taking ineffective breaks. We take breaks that do not allow the brain to rest, like checking our phone’s messages or jumping to a social media application. Believe it or not, these activities exhaust the brain when you are already pretty tired.

What you want to do is put away your phone when you are at work as much as possible. The best thing you can do when you take a break is go to the nearest natural setting and walk around there.

I could not believe how energized and uplifted I felt after my nature walks, which was scientifically proven to be effective recently, so try to enjoy a little nature.

3. I Got a Good Night’s Sleep

I love to sleep more than I’d like to admit, yet I found myself going to sleep pretty late.

There is a lot to do when I get back home, from house chores to left over work that is expected the next day, which made it hard to stick to a sleep schedule. Turns out that this might be part of the reason it is so hard to have a good and productive day.

You might not believe this, but sleep can also help make you more productive and focused. The brain does most of its work at night. It helps create neuro-connections, which help improve long-term memory, and it also helps you understand information received that day.

Sleep improves your knowledge and skills, not to mention it helps moderate your mood and productivity. All of this should be helpful when you finally wake up. I started to stick to my schedule more often, and it really helped me the next day.

4. I Started Early

I love my snooze button. Getting a few more minutes of sleep is just irresistible to me, but I started to get away from that.

It was more and more obvious to me that my love for the snooze button stemmed from a poor sleep schedule. Waking up earlier was a lot easier for me once I started going to sleep early.

Waking up early gave me the opportunity to do early morning tasks that would ultimately help the day go a lot smoother. What you can do is start or finish up some of your household chores in the morning before getting started on the rest of your morning activities.

You can also finish up some work if you were not able to finish something the night before.

5. I Actually Did-The-Work

It is very important that you work when it is time to work. Too many times I have caught myself paying attention to my phone or the latest gossip around the office, which makes me lose some of the time that should be dedicated to work.

The problem deals with focus, but I am glad to report that sleeping more and taking effective breaks has helped me focus a lot better.

You should also take precautions, like closing the door to your office or closing the blinds when you are working. Turn off the phone or have your secretary hold all calls while you work. Dedicating undivided attention to your workload should help you get more done.

I’m keeping this between us, but work that used to take me an hour I can get done in 30 minutes.

6. I Managed Interruptions

Nothing is perfect, and working with others makes it hard to keep up with your intense work hour. There is going to be a time when a co-worker or someone else is going to try to interrupt you.

You are going to have to figure out a polite way to say that you are not available at the moment. Just try to be courteous but curt. Do not try to explain yourself because you can do that when your intense work hour is over.

You might also want to consider hanging out signs or telling everyone around you that you will be working. For example, you can hang a sign over your door or cubicle that says you are working and cannot be disturbed.

You do not have to go out of your way to find a professionally made sign. I started with a regular graphics program on my computer, a printer, and a laminating machine for my first sign.

7. I Was Mindful About What I Ate

Food is vital, and the way you use it can help improve your day. I started to notice that I got tired and felt bloated when I ate heavy meals.

I started to let go of these types of meals and switched to lighter meals. It might sound a little extreme, but I started to eat meals like fruit salads or vegetable salads. I even made cucumber spaghetti pasta.

Eating smaller meals like these made me feel alive, light, and ready to keep on taking on the day.

This did not mean I stopped enjoying heavy meals, but I would wait to get home for my heavier dinners, which felt like a treat after the first day of changing my eating habits during work.

Be sure to start preparing for the next day. Keep in mind that it is going to take a while to get this schedule right, but be patient because you will.

Dedicate yourself to your home once you do get there because family is just as important as work. Hopefully, these tips help turn your work life around like they have helped me.

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