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Building your network is key to a meaningful and aligned career. Whether you’re looking to build a private yoga practice, spread your inspiring message of change to others around the world, or have an amazing conscious business idea, you need a great close community of people to help bring it to life.

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Having a solid group of reliable, like-minded people that are there for you and that understand your unique purpose and passion is crucial. They can offer advice when times are tough or challenging, provide great motivation/reflection to get ahead and share the best opportunities as they arise. We all know networking is something that we will get great benefit from, but for many of us it feels a bit like a chore.

From time-consuming, crowded events, to expensive ticket prices for the rooms of people you actually want to meet, networking has likely resulted in at least one painful conversation and a stack of uninspiring business cards. The good news is this is changing! An app is changing all of the pain and awkwardness that comes with networking.

Meet Shapr, a free app that’s reshaping networking for the 21st century.

Shapr helps people connect in a meaningful way by facilitating a more comfortable, do-it-from-anywhere networking experience. Using Shapr, you can quickly browse profiles of nearby professionals who are actively looking to network. No search is required – the app’s smart algorithm uses your self selected interests and preferences to curate a daily list of like-minded professionals close to your location. Just swipe through each profile – you will get a notification once both professionals have mutual interest in a conversation. You can then use a pre-built icebreaker to say hello and set up a time to take that conversation offline!Shapr is easy to make an everyday habit. It only takes a minute (over your morning tea and daily routine) to swipe anonymously through the day’s curated batch, but the opportunities could change your life. You can use the app to meet co-founders or investors for your business, partners for your next big project, or just friends in your industry.

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Just visualize where you want to be, and then use Shapr to meet the right people to help you get there. Or better yet, grab coffee with someone interesting off the app to help figure out what your next big goal is.

Marc Angelo, one of our very own contributors to Collective Evolution has actually used the app and shares: “Honestly, genuine connection with people who share my passions is something I am constantly open to and when I discovered Shapr I truly loved it. The experience of meeting others in my home town has been tougher given a world in which social dynamics are run through a filter of social media and well, Shapr helped me cut through the noise and meet some really cool people minutes away from my front door.”

How does Shapr differ from other social or networking platforms? First off, its smart algorithm does the work for you. There is no endless search, and no chance of bots on the app (other than the friendly welcome profile when you first sign up). All people are authentic, verified and real.

The app promotes a more “mindful” approach to networking, in order to build a consistent community of long-term relationships. The end result? A vibrant pool of smart, curious and compatible professionals who are all actively expanding their networks.

Start connecting today, and download Shapr on your phone for free!

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