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Meat, eggs and cheese are NOT the only sources of protein, in fact they are far from it, where do you think an Ox, Gorilla or Cow gets its protein from? Next, where did we get this idea that we need so much protein and even more of it to maintain proper health? Has anyone ever questioned that? What about the research showing that plant protein might actually be a much healthier option that animal protein? 

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 If there is one thing that annoys vegans or those who follow a plant-based diet more than anything else in the entire world it’s that famous question – “Where do you get your protein?” The milk, egg, cheese and meat industries have certainly done a great job of brainwashing us to believe that animal products are the only way to get protein. Yes, meat and animal products – for the most part – have more protein, but why do we need so much? We don’t! It’s another myth. We can actually get the amount of protein we need entirely from a plant-based diet, in the same way an Ox,Gorilla, Cow or Horse would.

Some Science To Back This Up

According to Dr. Deepak Bhatt, a Harvard Medical School professor and Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Heart Latter,

“When it comes to getting protein in your diet, meat isn’t the only option. Mounting evidence shows that reducing meat and increasing plant-based protein is a healthier way to go. A diet with any type of meat raises the risk of heart disease and cancer, when compared with a vegetarian diet.” 

A study conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital followed more than 130,000 people for 36 years, monitoring illnesses, lifestyles, diets and mortality rates.

They found that substituting between 15g and 19g of animal protein, the equivalent of a single sausage, for legumes, pulses, nuts and other planet protein, significantly decreased the risk of early death. Replacing eggs with plant-based protein also lead to at 19 percent reduction in death risk.

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Researchers found that a 10 percent higher intake of meat was associated with a two percent higher mortality rate and an eight percent higher chance of cardiovascular death.

According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, mentioned earlier in the article from The China Study,

“What I did during the early part of my career was nothing more than what traditional science would suggest. I made the observation that diets presumably higher in animal protein were associated with liver cancer in the Philippines. When coupled with the extraordinary report from India showing that casein fed to experimental rats at the usual levels of intake dramatically promoted liver cancer, it prompted my 27-year-long study The China Project, of how this effect worked. We did dozens of experiments to see if this was true and, further, how it worked.”

In the study, Campbell emphasized the fact that they used the traditional criteria to decide what is a carcinogen (in regards to animal-based proteins) from the government’s chemical carcinogenic testing program. Campbell also stated that, “this is not a debatable subject and the implications of this conclusion are staggering in so many ways.”

It also showed, among others, that animal protein is very acidic, and leak, and body takes calcium and phosphorus from the bones to neutralize the

Yes, We Need Protein

Yes we need protein, but not as much as you think. We can easily get the adequate amounts of protein from a vegan or plant-based diet. If you are concerned that it won’t be enough, there are some plant-based foods that have more protein than others, nuts, seeds, legumes and dark leafy greens are all excellent sources of protein. If you combine a legume with a grain such as rice, then you create a complete protein.

While under-consumption of protein can be harmful to the body, over-consumption comes with risks as well. In the United States, the average omnivore gets more than 1.5 times the optimal amount of protein, and most of that protein is from animal sources. This is bad news, because excess protein is turned into waste or turned into fat. This stored animal protein contributes to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation and cancer.

On the other hand, the protein contained in whole plant foods is connected to disease prevention. According to Michelle McMacken, MD, a board-certified internal medicine physician and an assistant professor of medicine at NYU School of Medicine:

“[T]he protein found in whole plant foods protects us from many chronic diseases. There is no need to track protein intake or use protein supplements with plant-based diets; if you are meeting your daily calorie needs, you will get plenty of protein. The longest-lived people on Earth, those living in the “Blue Zones,” get about 10% of their calories from protein, compared with the U.S. average of 15-20%.”

Below, is a video that is not only sure to make your mouth water, but to also showcase some of many plant-based protein sources to give you some inspiration.

In Conclusion

If you are thinking of making the switch to a plant-based diet, but are concerned about getting enough protein, let that be the least of your worries. Getting enough protein is not difficult, there are more important factors to consider when adopting a plant-based diet, but no more important than the factors that should be considered with any diet. Think of the average American diet, no one looks into that to make sure it is sufficient, so why is it that when someone wants to eat more plant-based foods everyone all of a sudden becomes a nutrition expert? Just something to consider!

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