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Since the 2016 presidential election we have seen an outcry in media, politics and from the general public about fake news. This was a term created when a list of ‘fake news’ websites hit the internet as compiled by assistant university professor Melissa Zimdars.

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Her list very quickly went viral and seemed to be very well timed with cut backs in reach Facebook began implementing on the same day. Who was cut back? Anyone who didn’t align with Facebook’s political stance.

Here at Collective Evolution we made the list as “a site who sometimes uses clickbait headlines.” This unfortunately popped us into ‘fake news’ by association. Even though we have never in our history produced a story that was fake, satire or that did not include credible facts and sources to back up what we claimed in the piece. This to us illustrated the true nature of this list and the coordinated ‘same day’ effort from social media giants to begin hindering the spread of information that was threatening to the mainstream narrative.

We eventually were removed from the list as we challenged the creator and the lack of rationale in her claims, especially given the fact no mainstream media outlet or pop culture website like BuzzFeed, HuffPost etc, made the list. Those sites are the original creators and perpetrators of click-bait headlines, yet never get tagged with the label.

Why Censorship?

Why was this all happening? Because it was the first time a politician, Hillary Clinton, who bought pretty well the entire mainstream media, still lost the election. Social media is powerful! And alternative/independent news websites were making a very big difference by informing people of what is going on outside of mainstream conjecture. Why is that important? Because the mainstream has time and time again misinformed the public and has acted upon the corporations that own them.

If it wasn’t for alternative media, things like The March Against Monsanto would not have been so big. Vaccine movements would not have been pushing to create safer vaccines. People would not have continued to question the spying the NSA was performing on citizens, which was later confirmed as fact when Snowden came out. Cryptocurrency wouldn’t be as popular as it is today if alternative news websites were not talking about the downsides to central banking and the elite institutions who control and run it.

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Without alternative media, mainstream media would be the only ones informing the public, and their perspectives are often not helpful to our freedom nor ability to thrive as a people as they simply represent the perspectives of governments and corporations.

Given social media giants and search engines were now censoring information more than ever before. Something needed to be done.

Enter DASH

In 2018, DASH, a cryptocurrency who sets aside a monthly budget to support projects that help the planet and grow the DASH network, funded Ben Swann’s Truth In Media. Swann’s social accounts and platform ‘went dark’ after creating a PizzaGate segment on mainstream news (CBS). This received a ton of backlash from the mainstream and eventually Ben was forced to go dark. His next goal was to go out on his own in order to talk about things that were happening but were too ‘edgy’ for mainstream media to touch.

With the DASH sponsorship, which came in January of 2018, Ben’s Reality Check will be back in production. In exchange DASH will be front and center on the new Truth in Media site and Swann will be an ambassador for DASH. Swann has also stated he believes that “Dash is the most technologically advanced of crypto” due to its InstantSend and PrivateSend features, as well as the upcoming Evolution platform.

This partnership illustrates the fact that DASH is more than a cryptocurrency with great features, it’s also helping to change the world. This is what we at CE are so excited about when it comes to DASH.

What Is DASH Exactly?

DASH, like other cryptocurrencies, is a form of digital cash who’s transactions are recorded on a public ledger, or “blockchain.” The purpose of this ledger is to give everyone the ability to ensure the ledger is an accurate and honest account of the currency. Something our current financial structure cannot say as it’s controlled by private interests, not government.

DASH comes with a bevy of valuable features as well. Popular blockchains such as Bitcoin, are great but are technologically limited in some respects. DASH offers many of the same benefits of paper cash like instantaneous transactions via  InstantSend, privacy via PrivateSend, and has the ability to scale for mass use.

As outlined on DASH Force News, the main benefits and features of DASH are.

It is decentralized. Dash has no central authority in control of it. No one to shut off your funds or disable your account. You literally become your own bank. 

It is very easy to use and get involved in the Dash project. Whether as a node operator, Masternode operator, miner, or software developer.

It is truly anonymous. Bitcoin is only pseudonymous, which means that there is not necessarily a direct link to you, but it’s possible to trace transactions and link them to an individual.

Transaction fees are tiny. Unlike like Bitcoin that is recording high transactions recently, Dash is easy and inexpensive to transact with.

It is very fast. Unlike Bitcoin, Dash generates blocks four times as quickly, every 2 minutes and 30 seconds as opposed to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes. 

What this means for the average consumer is, DASH is an easy to approach cryptocurrency that has the ability to handle what you already use cash for with ease, except you get the benefits of being in control without having someone else hold or control your money.

As a collective, moving away from central banking and currencies, as we use them today, will remove the ability for a small set of global elite to control the entire money supply.

You can check out the following article learn more about why our current financial structure is not working in our favor.

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