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Although many of us would like to see a world without oil, mostly for environmental reasons, no emissions from cars, no plastics polluting our oceans and nowhere near as many synthetic chemicals in our personal care products, we don’t always realize just how much of our lives actually involves oil everyday. From the clothes we wear, to the packaged food we buy, and the phones and computers we use daily, oil is right there beside us. It’s difficult to imagine a world without oil, but what if oil were to suddenly disappear overnight? What would our world look like?

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I come from a small oil-field town called Fort St. John, in Northern British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the largest producers of oil in North America. The lives of the majority of the people who live in this town directly depend on oil, and when things are slow, the people feel it. Even though I can see that oil is polluting our planet and our environment and that there are much cleaner options available, I still can see the other side of the coin as to just how much is at stake if we were to eradicate the oil industry completely. Thousands and thousands would be out of work and my hometown would likely eventually cease to exist. The point here is that there are always two sides to every story.

In a series of videos from A Facebook page called, What.If, this question is answered in an informative and intriguing video. Would life still go on? How much of our daily lives would be impacted? Could we survive? Check it out.

But, What About The Alternatives?

This video, while interesting, doesn’t mention the alternatives to oil that currently are available to us right now. Sure, if oil were to disappear like that, there would be many issues as were described in the video, but what if it were a steady phase out process? We have many alternatives that are being implemented today. As awareness grows so does the popularity in these new sources of energy, and alternatives to petroleum-based products in our clothing, personal care products etc. It is important to remember that human beings also got along just fine without oil for a number of years, and would be able to do it again.

We have solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power and even more options available to us today. In some ways of our lives, perhaps taking a step backwards isn’t a bad thing if it means being more connected and harmonious with our mother earth. We essentially do not need any of the chemicals used for cleaning or personal care products and we can always buy clothes that are made from natural, sustainable materials like organic cotton and hemp. Tesla has done a great job at showing us that oil is not needed any longer for cars. If we could figure out a way to turn the current vehicles over to electric… or even water powered then we would be golden.

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And… What About The Jobs?

This is a tricky one, there is no denying that. If we were to slowly start cutting out oil there would definitely be more sustainable options coming in to take its place and this alone would create many new jobs that people would have to be trained on. It could be a gradual process.

Another Theory Worth Considering

If you are a fan of popular UFO researcher, Stephen Greer then you might know where I’m going with this, if you are not then stick with me. Greer believes that we are without a doubt being visited by extraterrestrials and that their presence is being kept a secret by our military and governments. Why the secrecy? Because if we knew of the existence of ET’s and their craft, then we would know that alternative energy technologies do exist and we would have them implemented, which in turn would crush the multi-billion dollar industry. Greer believes that the technology that is being suppressed by our governments could take the world off of oil overnight and eliminate all the need for oil powered anything. You can learn about this and more in Greer’s compelling documentary, “Unacknowledged.”

Final Thoughts?

Regardless, most of us would like to see this planet around for another few centuries, at least, and by now we know the damage that oil is doing to our planet. In our own lives we can do our part by moving away from oil, you can check out a partial list of 6000 products containing oil here. But of course, there is also the argument that most of the food we eat is shipped to us using, you guessed it – oil, but as electric cars continue to rise we can see that perhaps this method of transportation is on it’s way out.

What do you think? Will oil soon be a thing of the past or do to many aspects of our everyday lives rely on the use of oil? Are we able to make the switch? Let us know in our Collective Evolution Group on Facebook. See you there.

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