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Bigfoot is a household name and is even known by different names (Sasquatch, the Yeti, and the Skunk Ape, for example), but he or she is just a myth, according to almost anyone you ask. Even most UFO, alien, and paranormal researchers can’t seem to find the time or patience to properly cover Bigfoot.

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So, Bigfoot sticks around as a likeable storybook character, but nothing more.

However, there are many reasons that Bigfoot, and other cryptids like unicorns, fairies, and the Loch Ness monster, should be talked about in the same way that UFOs, aliens, and other more serious fringe topics are revered.

“Legend of Bigfoot” oddities store in Northern California. Photo credit: Amit Patel,

If learning about a mystical, ape-like cryptid doesn’t seem worthwhile to you, here are some reasons to take the Sasquatch seriously… seriously.

Bigfoot Helps Us Make New Discoveries

Since 1930, hundreds of new species of animals have been discovered, 17 of them large animals –  a new species of orangutan was discovered as recently as 2017! In fact, over the years many mythological creatures have turned out to be real, including the giant squid. The search for new lifeforms is not just happening in outer space, but also right here on planet Earth. By following the evidence for Bigfoot, many cryptozoologists have found evidence for real animals, too, including bears and apes.

Painting of Giant Squid attacking ship by Pierre de Montfort, 1801

And who knows? Maybe one of these days someone will find hard evidence of an actual Bigfoot.

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 The Witnesses Are Telling The Truth

The thing that most Bigfoot witnesses have in common is the location of their Bigfoot sighting, often rural secluded areas like the woods, swampland, or the mountains – not the promise of money, attention, or fame. Although “Bigfoot” may be a misnomer, witnesses of the elusive Sasquatch range from modern-day mothers of two to Native Americans tribes that have passed down stories of the large, hairy, and peaceful creature for centuries.

It is unlikely that so many credible eyewitnesses are lying since it’s not in a person’s best interest to associate themselves with Bigfoot.

Instead of the “missing link” between human and ape evolution, Bigfoot could be the “missing link” between dimensional and inter-dimensional evolution.

In addition to eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot inexplicably disappearing into thin air, there have also been accounts of Bigfoot showing up right after a UFO sighting. These cases have led many researchers to believe that Bigfoot could be an alien or ghost-like inter-dimensional entity that may even be able to teleport. It is worthwhile for alternative researchers to take a good look at Bigfoot evidence.

Ronan Coghlan is one of those researchers. The paranormal author and researcher stated in an interview that if there are “worm-holes on Earth, it would be quite easy for anything to come through, like a Bigfoot, and it’s quite possible any number of anomalous creatures could find their way through from time to time… That would tend to indicate there’s a worm-hole in the vicinity; such as Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where the Mothman was seen.” As sci-fi as this sounds, the concept of a “wormhole” has been debated by mainstream scientists since the 1920s.

An Open Mind Is A Healthy Mind.

Imagining that Bigfoot, unicorns, and the Loch Ness monster are real is a healthy activity for your brain. Practicing open-mindedness helps a person to avoid dangerous patterns of “groupthink” as well as maintain a positive attitude and high energy level in day-to-day life.

So, the next time someone jokes about Bigfoot at a party, be polite and laugh, but then ask the room if anyone has ever seen Bigfoot. You may be surprised by the serious conversation you started.

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