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Oil – as we know it, is such an integral part of our current system. It’s so embedded into our daily lives, often without us even realizing it, it’s hard to imagine life without it. Not only does it provide us with fuel, clothing, essentials, and in many cases, is the cause of war, there is no question that it is polluting our environment from emissions and disastrous leaks. Then, there is also the issue of fracking.  

Luckily we have seen electric cars growing in popularity in recent years and people are doing what they can to avoid products produced from oil that are damaging to our environment like plastic and other chemical products. We have become aware of the potential implications from our oil use, so now we can make different choices that can lessen our impact.

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But what if there was an alternative to oil that worked the same way? That could power our cars,  planes and more, but was much cleaner and safer for our environment? Would that be enough to finally make the switch and retire the current oil industry as we know it? Well, we aren’t that far off, as scientists have developed a fuel that is made from algae that has the potential to completely change the fossil fuel industry once and for all.

Have a look.

As mentioned in the video above, the production of this fuel from algae is not only producing biofuel, but the byproduct is an edible food as well containing many essential nutrients. Global Algae Innovations is a San Diego based company that produces it’s algae fuel in Hawaii. The byproduct from the fuel production could replace animal feed – growing food for animals, generally from soy or corn crops, this is currently the leading cause of deforestation in the world.

“It’s too important for the world for it not to happen.”

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This Can Change The World As We Know It

There are so many benefits to the use and production of algae for biofuel, it truly has the potential to completely transform the world for the better, if we let it. The most glaring issue that the team is facing today is the cost of production, which they are working hard to bring down. At the beginning of the project, 1 gallon of the fuel was worth about $30 and now, thanks to the teams innovation, that number is down to $2 – $3. Clearly the team is looking for solutions rather than letting the drawbacks stop them and their mission.

As CEO of Global Algae Innovations, Dave Hazlebeck, states in the video, “It’ll change the geopolitics of the world. A lot of the reasons we have wars are because of fights over resources, and by creating a more equitable distribution with countries being able to make their own, it should lead to a more stable and peaceful world.”

Absolutely! There are so many benefits to this, it is something that should be taken very seriously and provided with the funding that is needed. This product would be great as our world transitions away from traditional oil made from fossil fuels as we know it. Really, so many alternative options exist, it’s only a matter of time before fossil fuels finally lives up to it’s name and becomes a thing of the past. Time to clean up our environment, get more in line with mother earth, and do what we can to stop the destruction that is taking place on our planet right now. What are we waiting for?

If you feel that the current elite, cabal, or whatever you choose to call them will not allow this to happen, it is important to not lose hope and believe that things can change and that things are changing right before our eyes. Do not forget that the truth will always prevail, and we can create the type of world we want to live in! Remain hopeful, and look around, because there is a lot to be excited about. Many people are no longer standing for the same old ways of doing things and they are deciding to step up and make a change, you can too! This is definitely something that we should be excited about, let’s focus on the solution not on the problem.

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