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With all of the distractions, fake news, and fear-based tactics being thrown our way and flashed across our screens & feeds by the second, it’s no surprise many of us could be feeling rather hopeless for humanity. This is actually an important reflection point.

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Mainstream news usually doesn’t do much to alleviate this feeling and they’re not known to give much airtime for praise, nor do they like to shine light on all of the good that IS occurring right in our backyards – by our neighbours, friends, family, or OURSELVES.

Our standard intake from the mainstream is that of politics, despair, fear & programming (as we are well aware of at this point), which only furthers the dismay of our current state of being as a collective.

But, just as with anything else – there is actually a ton of great things happening around the world!

However the case, there are still so many people out here, just like you, who truly wish to create change both within themselves and our world.

With that said, every now and then we need a gentle reminder of just how awesome we humans (and all others inhabiting this earth) can be.. this is a journalistic reminder to enjoy your day and have a laugh.

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A lasting first impression:

Angels do exist:

When extinction gets an afterlife:

This could go on forever, and we don’t mind one bit:

The beauty of coming home:

Literal *tears*:

We’re all in this together:

Cat-lovers rejoice!

Grandmas mastering technology for the greater good:

Well, that’s catchy:

It’s the little things:

Magic is all around you, always:

These hamsters are the cutest:

Innocence is filled with love & intuition:

The main event:

Now THIS is beautiful:

When you’re committed, you support the vision:

Why so serious? Or not:

Community is everything:

That one friend that always has your back:

Keep positive, learning is a process to applaud:

When you’re innovative with your technique:


Again, community is everything:

There are many people like them:

Save the kitties!

Sometimes you just have to scream with a stranger from joy:

And remember, if you can’t see the change – BE THE CHANGE.


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