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Kanye has been bringing forth a multitude of reactions around the internet as his latest tweets have been political, reflective and controversial. In normal order, many of us have been responding emotionally and irrationally, while some are taking a moment to step back and think about what he is saying, regardless of why he might be saying it.

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Kanye is releasing a new album, in fact it may come out as early as June 1st according to his tweets. Getting back on Twitter and in people’s heads, make sense. After all, many celebs create contracts to enter into “marriages” or “relationships” that are typically more about creating a product than they are about any real feelings. It’s PR. Getting in the news means getting in the minds and the hearts of people on a regular basis – and it can help to sell records.

But although we can simply say “He’s saying all this to sell records,”  it doesn’t take away from the fact that he is spreading truth and challenging people to reflect.

This is not the first time Kanye has spread messages that challenge mainstream narratives. In fact after going on a political rant at one of his concerts, Kanye was forcibly hospitalized at the UCLA medical centre and eventually came back with bleached hair. This is common after celebrities begin to speak out or if programming begins to break down. Eminem went through this same process after he began to speak out and not only came back with Baphomet horns on his album cover, but with the bleached hair too.

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Just so happens Britney SpearsAmanda BynesMichael Jackson… and his daughter Paris Jackson, also attended this hospital. Lindsay Lohan as well. This is simply to suggest that there may still be a strong link with MK Ultra at this hospital.

The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center was in fact home to top mind control programmer and psych ward head, Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West. This information was disclosed publicly and it was stated the program stopped, although many believe it still continues today.

“Between 1974 and 1989, (Louis) West received at least $5,110,099 in grants from the federal government, channeled through the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), a major funding conduit for CIA programs. Many millions more poured into the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute that West headed, including over $14 million in federal funds in one fiscal year before he stepped down.

 Take from this tweets what you will, but reflecting on what he is saying can provide us value into how we are programmed and what we choose to believe. It’s not easy to face certain truths sometimes, but we must face them.


In this tweet Kanye is asking us to FEEL, not just think. As a CE reader, you likely resonate with this message, because you feel. You know the world is not what it seems and societal programming is thick out there. If we want to create a thriving world, we have to go beyond programming and get into what we’re feeling.


A shift in consciousness is precisely what we are currently going throughout. A reflection that fits in well here at CE, although I’d say it’s more of a choice. You don’t have to work within the existing framework, you can always shift from it, but this is a choice we are being challenged to make right now. I made an entire film on this subject and it has been our best performing film we have released. You can watch it free here.


West made a tweet in support of cadence Owens, after that he made the tweet above which stirred controversy.  West feels black Americans see themselves as “victims”. In one Tweet, he called “self-victimization” a “disease” and in another stated that, while slavery no longer exists in America, slavery is still a “mentality” for some people. The final sentiment is absolutely true, although this mentality doesn’t just apply to African Americans, but everyone. Many of us are operating in a dis-empowered state of being.


This tweet appeared to come after some of the responses to his Owens and victimhood tweets. West felt that the “thought police” are trying to suppress him and his sentiments. “We have freedom of speech but not freedom of thought,” he wrote in another tweet. This messaging is relatable now especially since it has become near impossible in our society to have intelligent conversation about social issues. We seem to be so charged up about everything that we have created sides and movements about everything. In essence, everyone is fighting, instead of choosing to understand each other.

We are living in a time where we desperately need to practice empathy but are choosing not to, and we’re getting swept up in the agendas of the media to divide us by ‘what we believe in.’


Following your feelings or intuition is truly a way to follow your heart. In many ways, our thoughts have been programmed “thoughts that have been placed in our heads” by other people. “Don’t follow crowds. Follow the innate feelings inside of you. Do what you feel not what you think.” In general following the sentiment of your feelings is much deeper than simply your thoughts.


Do you find people are puling down your ideas? Distracting you? Trying to tell you what is valuable and what you should be doing? Not just friends and family, but society.. Often time what we chase will not bring us peace and freedom within, yet we are chasing it. What do you truly want in your heart? How do you want to feel? These questions might better guide our decisions.


West stated he values truth and isn’t afraid of controversy. A tough thing to do in our current emotional time but needed.


In one that challenges religion, he brought up the idea of God and how people are often taught to fear God or his judgment. As a child who grew up in the Catholic religion, I can relate to this sentiment. I was always taught to fear God and it didn’t make me any better or worse of a person, just fearful. Eventually I moved on from religion and understood my own spirituality from within.

West feels that “God fearing” is a “dated mentality”. He believes it’s “used to control people.”

Once again, reflecting on his words is what this is about, regardless of what you think of him or what this is about, there is a valuable message.

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