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Pornographic and sexually explicit material abounds throughout the internet and the media. Many people are, unfortunately not aware of the harm caused by it.

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Nowadays, content of a sexual nature and erotic material has mass prevalence in the media and society. With more and more sexually explicit content all around, there is an ever growing population of people who are adversely affected.

The Porn Industry and Money

The porn industry makes up for an astounding percentage of the world’s generated income. Statistics according to reveal that the industry succeeds in making revenues of more than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple and Netflix all combined. Stats say that “Every second, $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography” and “every second, 28,258 users are viewing pornography online.” According to various reports, the net worth of the porn industry is $97.06 billion.

This is truly a staggering reflection of how the public has been influenced by sexually provocative material.

Those who view pornographic material state often that it is completely harmless. However, these individuals are often unaware of the damage they may be causing to their psyches and also the effect on their social behavior and conduct. There is a huge increase of people who are currently suffering from an addiction to pornography.

Those struggling with this addiction have been found to suffer from various symptoms of emotional and psychological problems. According to psychological studies, men who indulge in erotic material tend to have disturbing attitudes towards women. They are also often desensitized towards acts of a sexually violent nature. People convicted of violent sexual crime have often been discovered to have been avid porn users and in many cases, viewed pornographic material just before they committed a crime.

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Effects of Porn or Sex Addiction

The Organization of Sexual Recovery ( states that porn addicts often start off with soft porn and gradually move onto harder and more sado-masochistic content.

Individuals who view porn and are married often struggle with relationship issues and conflict as well as intimacy complications. Statistically, the effects of a porn addiction appear quite detrimental in terms of social demeanor and emotional well-being.

Pornography de-personalizes attitudes towards women and can provoke aggression in the viewer. One tends to start viewing women as sexually desired objects rather than spiritual or emotional beings. This can have a major negative effect on the way men relate to women socially.

There are a number of networks and organizations which stand for the prevention of pornography as well as rehabilitation programs for addicts. People struggling in this area can seek help at, or

Despite most of society’s lack of concern pertaining to the effects of harmful sexual exposure, it is evident that sexually explicit and suggestive multimedia has a huge impact on the world’s conceptions and practice of sexual relationships. Also, there appears to have become a general degradation of moral and ethical values in regards to sexual activity.

The media could be blamed for continually advocating sexual misconduct, but in respect of the fact that this is just the way society functions at present, it is the duty of this generation’s parents to raise children with an acute awareness of the dangers involved in succumbing to the lures of pornography.

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