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Recently Kanye went to the TMZ headquarters to share a message. Of course out of the hundreds of opinions, views and insights, the mainstream media has chosen to focus on the one thing that they would use to try and discredit everything else that he said and make him appear like he’s “lost it.”

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Well, in some ways, it seems that Kanye has “lost it,” perhaps he’s lost his old ways of being, perhaps he’s lost the reputation that he is expected to live up to, maybe he’s lost the fear that he has had in regards to speaking his truth, even if his voice shakes. One thing is for sure, Kanye is trying to spread a message of love to the masses and really, how could that be a bad thing?

In the video clip below, TMZ interviewer, Harvey Levin, begins by asking Kanye what was the purpose of posting a photo wearing a “Make America Great Again,” which made many people feel that he was a Trump supporter, which has basically become taboo, especially for a celebrity. Kanye shares how wearing the hat was actually symbolic of free thought. That just because we aren’t supposed to do something doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. Kanye was looking to open up a conversation and posting this picture was a perfect way to do it.

Kanye does say that slavery was something that happened for 400 years and at that point “it’s a choice.” This is the one thing the media has chosen to focus on and discredit all of the rest. The thing is however, this is merely one opinion, does that really mean that we should disregard and discredit everything he says from there on out? He also says that we (humanity) are enslaved, that’s a pretty big truth bomb to drop on T.V.

The media has put out small clips of the interview here and there, but to get a full scope of what he is actually trying to say, I strongly recommend watching the whole video interview, which is about 30 minutes and allow yourself to formulate your own opinion about Kanye and the message he is choosing to share.

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It’s unfortunate that an argument broke out during this interview, however Kanye totally kept his cool and told the man confronting him that they needed to be closer so that they didn’t have to yell, so they didn’t come across as “crazy.” The man was so heated, and all Kanye wanted to do was give him a hug, so he did. How’s that for choosing love? “I’m sorry I hurt you with my words, I love you bro,” he says as he hugs the disgruntled man.

Kanye is being compared to John Lennon and TuPac because he has these ideas that are quite radical to the mainstream way of thinking, threatening the system as we know it, and to the elite, cabal, whatever you choose to call it, who would like to keep this sort of thing quiet. Even though it is generally accepted that speaking out against the establishment and sharing a message of love could get you killed, it is still one of those hidden truths that is difficult to actually prove.

How do you feel about the information that Kanye is sharing? I feel that many of us can resonate with what he is saying because it’s inherent truth that we all know deep down inside. Kanye is saying that LOVE CONQUERS ALL, we wholeheartedly agree with that statement and are absolutely thrilled that Kanye has started to use his celerity status, his fame and his voice to spread this message of love and truth to not only all of his fans and supporters, but to humanity as a whole. When a celebrity speaks, people listen. This is just how it is. So really, it doesn’t matter who or which celebrity decides to speak out and speak from their heart, the message will be heard.

Some Powerful Quotes From Kanye During The Interview

“Say what you feel, positive or negative.”

“We need to talk about our NOW. ‘Cause we can fix and start loving each other now.”

“I say we have no enemies. We have no enemies.”

“Einstein says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. We keep on saying I hate you, I hate, you I hate you, f*@k you, f*@k you, f*@k you, how are we gonna’ get a different result out of hate? Why don’t we just try love? Why don’t we just try love? Why can’t it be okay for an influential rapper in the black community to go up to the president and talk to him about how we can make a change one by one by one? We have the resources for a peaceful world.”

“They say I’m crazy, but I’m here to show love and we’re gonna make it through.”

“You had 2Pac and John Lennon on the wall I don’t want to be the third one, but I’m willing to be the third one for free love, on that wall.

“I’m just doing what the Universe told me.”

“If you start thinking about love and start feeling love and thinking about forgiveness, then you can overcome things.”

“I think love conquers all. I think love – I know, not think, I know from the bottom of my gut and my soul and my spirit and my subconscious that love is the strongest force in the universe and right now we need love. We need the moment when North Korea and South Korea connect.”

These Times Are Changing

This is just one out of many things that are happening lately that show that there is a massive shift in consciousness taking place on the planet. It’s happening now, just have a look around at all of the positive shifts that are happening. The EU banning pesticides, peace between North and South Korea, a massive rise in plant-based diet and lifestyles, an understanding of alternative and naturopathic health. There is so much going on that simply proves that this shift is happening. It’s a beautiful and exciting time to be alive.

Much Love

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