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PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 09:  Actor Woody Harrelson speaks onstage during the 'True Detective' panel discussion at the HBO portion of the 2014  Winter Television Critics Association tour at the Langham Hotel on January 9, 2014 in Pasadena, California.  (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) General

Woody Harrelson Has A Message The Entire World Needs To Hear

I strongly believe that the majority of the human race would choose clean drinking water, natural farming practices, ethical treatment of animals, fair wages and labour practices, and green and sustainable products — any option which harms neither the planet nor the beings dwelling upon it — if they felt they had a choice in the matter. […]
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6 Potent Superfoods That Help You Remove Heavy Metals From Your Body

It’s pretty safe to say that nearly every person on this planet has been exposed to heavy metals at some point during their lives, and unfortunately, many people are exposed daily. Heavy metal toxicity is a surprisingly common condition which can lead to some serious illnesses. Whether they are coming from vaccines, foods, cosmetics, metal fillings, or water, these […]
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9 Natural Healing Essential Oils To Have In Your Home

Essential oils can do much more than just produce lovely smells to make your home or bath smell pretty. Being highly concentrated oils from herbs, spices, and other plants, they hold some amazing healing properties. Essential oils are wonderful because they are completely natural and often do a better job than their synthetic, chemically-laden counterfeits. If you are interested […]
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5 Great Reasons To Go Vegan For A Week For Earth Day

Adopting a plant-based diet is one of the most effective ways we can protect our environment and drastically slow down the alarming rate of environmental degradation currently taking place. This Earth Day, rather than simply sharing some memes or changing your Facebook status, why not take part in something bigger, something that will drastically impact the environment […]
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In Utah Porn Is Now Deemed A ‘Health Hazard’

Utah Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed two pieces of legislation — one resolution and one bill — this week in an attempt to combat what he has deemed a “sexually toxic environment” caused by pornography. Resolution:  S.C.R. 9 Concurrent Resolution on the Public Health Crisis This resolution states that pornography is “a public health hazard leading […]
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Recipe For Nutrient Packed Organic Kale Chips

It seems like over the past few years kale has been fading out of the limelight and isn’t as trendy as it once was. Well, the good thing is kale is still pretty amazing and is loaded with many essential vitamins and minerals, in case you have forgotten. Some of these include: Vitamin K, Vitamin A, […]
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Dubai Is Set To Unveil These Spectacular Floating Apartments With Underwater Rooms

Honestly… how amazing is this? Imagine having an apartment that was half under water. Pretty cool, right? Now imagine that your already-incredible underwater apartment is in the ocean! Dubai has become well-known for innovative architecture and grandiose projects in recent years, and for good reason. Meet the latest in ambitious projects to come from the city: The Floating Seahorse, a […]
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What Happens To Your Mind When You Make Your Bed (Video)

If you’re an avid reader of Collective Evolution material then you may know that we are passionate about actually being the change you wish to see in the world and encouraging others to do the same; it’s how we adopted our slogan, “Be Change.” How does this all link to making your bed? Stick with this […]