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Alanna Ketler

Is This Proof of An Afterlife?

What happens after death? What happens between life and death? Is there an afterlife? How can we ever know, but still live to tell about it? Throughout this art...

6 Surprisingly Healthy Foods

Certain foods come with a certain connotation, and we just know that they are healthy for us to consume. For example if I mention bananas, kale, pomegranates, s...

Alanna Ketler

Hi, I'm Alanna! My journey really began in 2007 when I began to question what was being presented to me, my path led me to Collective Evolution and I joined the team in 2010. Wow, has it been an incredible journey so far! I am extremely passionate about learning new information! I aim to have a voice for animals and animal rights, I also enjoy writing about health, consciousness and I am very interested in psychedelics for healing purposes! I strongly believe that knowledge is power, and the first step to creating change on this planet is by raising awareness. "If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change." -Jack Kornfield Questions or comments? Email me