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Bombshell Study Exposes Frightening Facts About Anti-Depressant Drugs & Pharmaceutical Companies

The title of this article might give you the impression that my aim is to frighten you. I assure you it is not. The realities of the pharmaceutical industry are admittedly difficult to swallow, but this is important information given the fact that so many people are taking anti-depressant drugs. While these details may be disturbing, especially if you or […]
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5 Things All Parents, Teachers & Doctors Need To Know About Autism & ADHD

It’s no secret that autism and ADHD rates are skyrocketing. Every single year we see dramatic increases in diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or ADHD, and with these observed increases comes a need for more awareness and education about how these diagnoses are most often made and what environmental factors are contributing to the problem. […]
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This Is How Your ‘Aura’ Affects Your Health & Those Around You

An ‘aura’ field can be defined as a luminous glow or radiation that surrounds a person’s body, almost like a halo. Ancient depictions of religious and spiritual figures often feature this aura, but today, modern science is discovering that we are all, in fact, surrounded by this type of field, and it can actually affect the […]
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6 Quotes From Confucius That Will Have A Positive Impact On Your Life

Confucius was an extremely prominent Chinese philosopher and political figure. Born in 551 B.C., his words continue to resonate with people all over the world to this day. His teachings are preserved in the Analects, and are focused on creating ethical models of family and public interaction, and setting educational standards. Confucius has written some of the most influential books […]
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Some Scientific Facts About Crop Circles That Nobody Really Knows About

Crop circles have been appearing around the globe for a very long time, and while some might represent the sloppy and obvious work of a few pranksters, others are so elaborate, so clever, so intricate, and so meaningful that their creation would require the use of highly advanced technology. It’s truly difficult to imagine how some of these designs could […]
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6 Responses To Bernie Sanders Skeptics

Politics, especially in the Western world, has been taken over by corporate and financial agendas to the point where many people have lost trust in the voting process altogether. For many of us, it certainly doesn’t feel like we are living in a democracy; voting seems to be a practice that provides us with the illusion that we live […]
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Scientists Discover People Who Are Awake Can Influence Dreams Of Sleeping People Using Telepathy

Dream telepathy suggests that human beings have the ability to communicate telepathically with another person while they are dreaming. This isn’t a new concept, scientific interest in telepathy dates back to the fathers of the psychoanalytic movement. Freud, for example, looked at the implications of telepathy on psychoanalytic thought. He also considered dream telepathy, or the telepathic […]
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8 Things You Should Throw Away Immediately For Better Health

Human beings have adopted a lifestyle that doesn’t really take health into consideration, especially when we are talking about the large number of products that we choose to surround ourselves with on a daily basis, many of which have serious health concerns associated with them. What’s even more troubling is the fact that these products […]
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Young Gorillas Spotted Dismantling Poachers’ Traps For The First Time

Not long after a poacher’s trap killed a young mountain gorilla in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, researchers actually witnessed a couple of four year old gorillas working together to take apart other traps in the area. Large gorillas are able to use their strength to do this, but the younger ones aren’t. “This is absolutely […]