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Peter Russell

The Roots Of Thinking

Much of our thinking takes the form of self-talk—conversations we have with ourselves, inside our minds. Clearly, the original root of this verbal thinking is ...

Back To The Present

The thirteenth-century Christian mystic Meister Ekhart described how in moments of inner quiet: There exists only the present instant . . . a Now which always ...

Peter Russell

Peter Russell is an author, teacher and speaker, who is recognized as one of the leading thinkers on consciousness and contemporary spirituality. His books include The Global Brain, Waking Up in Time, and From Science to God. Peter believes that the critical challenge today is to free human thinking from the limited beliefs and attitudes that lie behind so many of our problems—personal, social, and global. His mission is to distill the essential wisdom on human consciousness found in the world’s various spiritual traditions, and to disseminate their teachings on self-liberation in contemporary and compelling ways. He has a rich website, The Spirit Of Now, with hundreds of pages containing articles, audios, videos, and meditations. His acclaimed Pay What You Wish course, How To Meditate Without Even Trying, has helped thousands of people let go of any effort or control in meditation. The beauty of this approach is that nothing needs to be changed or eliminated. It is simply surrendering to the fullness of the present moment.

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