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warp Exopolitics

Evidence For Warp Drive UFOs

Every year thousands of videos surface that depict UFOs inside earth’s atmosphere. They come from all over the planet, and although many are fake, some seem disturbingly real. UFOs have been captured on video going back many decades, and have come to be more aptly accepted as a reality in recent years. A decade ago, the […]
Rare Megamouth Shark Environmental

There’s Something Out There: Monsters Of The Ocean Part II

Richard Dawkins is an outspoken evolutionary biologist, a staunch atheist, and an avid writer. He illustrates some very interesting points in his writing, one of which being his concept of the unknown. In his 2006 book “The God Delusion,” he conveys the argument of the unknown void as an apparatus that defines humanity’s overall lack of […]
college_scam Alternative News

The College Scam Will Ruin Our Youth & This Country

The image below is a metaphorical representation of the United State’s higher learning agenda. At the head we have universities, corporations, businesses, financial ventures, and other individuals who control the colleges of the United States. Their mission is to lure students into their jaws and bite down. From there, they raise tuition prices, trick students […]
A game changer in the world of super cars Environmental

Supercars Taking Steps To Go Eco-Friendly

Tesla Motors IPO was just $19 a share in 2010, and many on Wall Street thought the company was doomed for disaster. Boy, were they ever wrong. As of 5/5/2014, Tesla is trading at $216/share with specialized Tesla recharge stations starting to pop up across the country. This story of the “little electric engine that […]

Future Cyber Crime & “Cyber-Possession”

BLACKNESS… The curtain lifts. Your eyes slowly flutter open... You look down and discover you are bathed in a pool of blood. Dead at your feet is a Politician; a letter opener is jammed into his chest. Banging is heard at the door. His guards are shouting to get in. They bash open the door […]
20314_540 Space

Universal Time May Not Be Universal At All

Here you sit, reading this article, when suddenly you hear a jet engine from an overhead plane. Aboard this plane, someone else is reading this article. Curiously, you two are not reading it in a relevant time frame. Time is actually moving at a different speed for you on the ground than it is for […]
sea_monster Discover

There’s Something Out There: Monsters Of The Ocean Part I

The deep blue sea is full of wonder and mystery. We currently know less about it than we do about the moon, which is 250,000 miles away from the earth’s surface. In fact the total yearly budget for NASA far, far exceeds that of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). For some reason, instead of […]
Autonomous Car Discover

Cars That Drive Themselves. Imagine Never Seeing An Accident Again

It’s 2034. You’re driving along, minding your business, when suddenly you see the one thing that every motorist fears – red and blue lights flashing in your rearview camera. You’re being pulled over, but it’s not for speeding. It’s for driving. Welcome to the roads of tomorrow—a place where human error is non-existent and the […]