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A Major Petition Is Presented For The Government To Review 9/11 Truth Evidence – See What Was Said

On Wednesday December 10th 2014, David Long (9/11 survivor and author of the 9/11 petition presented to parliament on December 3rd by Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party), Bill Brinnier (NY architect and board member of New York City Coalition for Accountability Now), Isabelle Beenen (Spokesperson for NYC based Architects and Engineers for 9/11 […]
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Re-Think 9/11 Truth Campaign Gains Mainstream Momentum

12 years after the infamous and still argued “attacks” that brought down New York City’s World Trade Centre 1, World Trade Centre 2 and the lesser publicized World Trade Centre 7, we can breathe a sigh of relief as the mainstream media and Ottawa politicos are finally coming around and questioning the official NATO mainstream media narrative – the one that was […]

Letter of Gratitude

Dear CE Readers & Team, I would like to personally thank you all for the joy and evolution you have contributed to my life. Writing for CE has been a catalyst for all kinds of amazing experiences in my life as of lately! Reading the articles posted on CE has infinitely contributed to my evolution in […]
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The ‘Royal’ Benefits of Royal Jelly!

Royal Jelly is one of the naturally occurring miraculous super foods on the planet that gets very little press!  It packs a powerful health punch and here’s why: Royal Jelly is a substance produced by worker honey bees.  Bee colonies function on a hierarchical system:  Bees all start out as unisex larvae, blank slate bee babies if you […]
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The Law of Attraction & the Power of Your Mind

I am jumping ahead in the Master The Basics and We Will Thrive series because with all the energetic turmoil going on on this planet during this transitional period, it is of utmost importance to understand the very real creative power our mind has in this world. In my opinion, your mind is the greatest tool you […]
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How to Empower Yourself and Re-Discover Freedom!

The definition of the word ‘power’ according to Oxford Dictionary is “…the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. Political or social authority or control, especially that exercised by a government.” The 48 Laws of Power is a very popular book that was written by author […]

Y’all Want Change? Vote With Your Dollars!

In the media saturated world we live in today, discerning people and products that are making a REAL contribution while generating profit can be a difficult task. Especially for those of us who get our information from mass media outlets. If that’s your current predicament, then I suggest you seek out alternative independent media sources such as the […]
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Our Food Supply: What You and Your Family Need to Know

Master the Basics and We Will Thrive PART 2:  FOOD – What You And Your Family Need To Know About Our Food Supply What does smoking have to do with our food supply?  Allow me to draw a little analogy between the conventional tobacco industry and the conventional food supply industry. There is no need to […]
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Coconut Oil – An Affordable Alternative Packed With Benefits

Y’a man!  Reggae sensation Ziggy Marley has continued to lead the way for collective awakening through his latest business venture:  Ziggy Marley Organics.  The most effective way to help shift humanity from survive mode to THRIVE mode is through conscious capitalism.  I have been talking about this simple solution since I started building my platform, and now I found […]
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Fluoride: What You and Your Family Need to Know

Master the Basics & We Will Thrive Part 1:  WATER – What You & Your Family Need To Know About Fluoride Water is unarguably one of the basic needs for human survival in today’s world. So what happens to us biologically and collectively when one of the master basics, water, is for the vast majority deprived of its proficiency? Altered with toxins? Not […]